God`s name and some of my experiences,since I became a Christian

So much deception going on.The real name of our God,is I believe is a big deception.This restoration of God`s real name,thing.I believe is a deception.All this,you need the Hebrew,word stuff.God split up the languages at the tower of Babel.You have a different name in every language.I believe you should be able to call upon the name of the savior,in your own language.Jesus is his name in english.Then you get that,the letter J was not around when Jesus was born.Spelled Ieous or something,in the older bibles.In the bible,when Moses asks at the burning bush,what if they ask your name,what do I say?I Am,that I Am.In JOhn 8;58 KJV.Jesus talking to the Jews,Before Abraham was,I Am.Right there,he is telling you,he is God.For those that say,Jesus never said,he was God.I use the God of Abraham,Issac and Jacob,I Am,and Jesus Christ,for the son.It works for me,in spiritual warfare and to cast out demons.Yes,I have cast some out.As for my son,who has severe autism,I have often had to get him in the tub,to do it,cause the demons want to run.He will go upstairs.One time,WHen I was casting out demons,using a book with demons names,My son kept looking up,like he saw them coming out.You have to fast to get more power,to cast out certain ones,and I have had trouble doing it.When I was trying to loose weight,years ago,I had no trouble.When I want to do it for spiritual reasons,and to get closer to God,well,not going over as well,for me.I do not think this climate change stuff,to be real.I think God can control the weather,to punish people for their sins,and Satan and his people can cause a storm.I have had them send many my way.I bind and rebuke all winds and storms of the enemy in the name of Jesus.I think,Satan tried to send one after my daughter one time.I prayed for her protection.The doors to Meijers were blown wide open,and she was in there with her dad.There are planety of bible verses to go along with God controls the sea and the ocean.Satan can too.

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  • Lets talk about witchcraft in your dreams.When you go to a hair dresser or barber,if they are witches,the will use your hair,to cast spells and curses on you.The last time,I went to get my hair done,and I went knowing the truth.I soaked my hair in the blood of Jesus,and prayed to the Father,for no spells or curses to be attached to my hair.There was another client in there,besides me.She said her sister was an ER nurse,and they went out of state for the winter.ANYway,that night I had a dream of someone,I could not make out who,was trying to stab me with a long sword.No weapon formed against you shall prosper.Meaning the believer in Jesus.I had a another dream of a relative giving me kidney stones.I did not get them,but,awhile later,she got them again.I have never had them.Books on praying against witchcraft by Daniel Olukoya,Prayer Rain and the book Prayers against Diseases and infirmities.He has some more.I do not recommend the ones that return evil for evil.Many other good prayers in there.Also,pray the psalms,and The book Prayers to Rout Demons in Good.
  • Pray this prayer.I take authority over and I bind,all Satanic attacks in my dreams in the name of Jesus.Sometimes I forget to pray it.In that case,I renounce,all dream defeats in the name of Jesus.Let everything done to me,in my dreams,through witchcraft attacked,be reversed in the name of Jesus.They try and poision people in the dreams,and not in dreams.I paralize all night caterers,and I forbid their food in my dream in the name of Jesus.Let all avenues of eating and drinking physical and spiritual poisons in my life by closed,by the blood of Jesus,in the name of Jesus.Let my body and blood reject every poison in the name of Jesus.pray these for your kids.