Some videos and verses

I don`t know if you have seen or heard,not exactly in the mainstream media.The videos on youtube,where they found Noah`s Ark and the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah.Make up your own mind if these be truth.The first expedition to the Ark,they could not do much,cause the Ark is encased in a mountain and ice.Mount Arrat in Turking,right where the KIng James bible,says it landed,or came to rest.At a later date,A team went in to dig through the mountain and explore a few places of the wooden structure.Oh yes,they found Sodim and Gomorrah to.Just type these in on youtube,and you will find videos on it.Verses Hosea 4;6 My people are destroyed from a lack of knowledge.Proverbs 9;10 The Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.Isaiah 1;18 King james bible.

  • Oh,the Testament of Solomon is another good one.Forgot if I posted this one or not.Video on youtube.
  • Another verse Isaiah 9;8-10-14 kjv.Also the video by Ron Wyatt on finding the Ark of the Covenant.
  • Outwitting the Super Angel by Win Worly,is a good video.
  • The Holy Spirit as a guide by Derek Prince,is a good video.
  • As I said before,I ordered some books by E. Michael Jones.I believe there is some truths in his books.Not all of the truth,however.I watched his video on slaughter of cities.This is one of the books I ordered.Now,the Catholic church and the Irish were getting to powerful.So,those in charge came up with some plans to take it down.When people came here,from whatever country they came from,they formed their own cities,neighborhoods,and churches,in their own neighborhoods.This book and video talks about how they destroyed the Catholic familiy,churches and neighborhoods.Let me say,I think the Catholic church has many problems.and there is a reason,I believe the powers that be,wanted to destroy this church and these families,more than any other.I believe Catholics are of the lost tibes of Israel.Likely Judah.I think,the problem in ireland,which followed the people,where every they went.Was,you had the tribe of Judah and the tribe of Dan,at odds.The catholic church verses the protestant church.Daniel 9 and Psalm 106 KJV.God aloowed them,to be destroyed cause of their sins.God has a remnant church,in these last days.Make no mistake about that.
  • Zephaniah 2;1-3 KJv Gather yourself together,O Nations not desired.Who is the nation not desired?The Catholics.Poles,Irish.Mainly.All Ican say,The God of Anraham,Issac and Jacob,is the real God.He will avenge his people,and defend his church,in these last days.True,not all catholics follow the real God,nor do the majority of the people in all nations.I will keep praying Deuteronomy 33 KJV.I will keep praying for every spirit of sorcery to be bond in the name of Jesus.I bind and rebuke any bewitchment,that would keep God`s people from obeying the truth in the name of Jesus.Well,I started to read these books by E. Michael Jones.Now,I see the whole picture.Happy is he that hath the God of Abraham for his help.Or her help,as the case may be.
  • I suggest videos on Satanic hand signs,cause I bet most,if not all Clergy,are Masons,they speak with their hands,throwing up satanic hand signs,to tell their fellow Mason`s,what god they serve.Ask yourself what these Stars means on people`s houses or garages?Eastern Stars.The irnoc thing,they went to college,had to pay back student loans,and God`s people can learn everything from the internet.Pray for disernment to know what is true and what is false,and to disern spirits.Pray for disernment in the name of Jesus.Learn to break off generational curses,REPENT.God gives disernment to his people if they ask in the name of Jesus.Pray for more understanding than you currently have in the name of Jesus.Bind spirits of false teaching and error in the name of Jesus.
  • SOme favorite verse,Isaiah 56;8,Matthew 15;24,Zephaniah 2;1-2,Lamentations 5 KJV.