The last Revival

Another David Wilkerson video on youtube.Many think the church of Jesus Christ is dead.That it is weak.It has no power.It`s about to rise up.Christianity is not dead.It never died.True,it is a very small church,at the moment.God will deliver his people.The gates of Hell CANNOT prevail against the true church.

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  • Isaiah 51;20 KJV.The real people of God are orphans,oppresses and homeless.Lamentations 5 KJV.Due to their sins,that they have not repented for.Many are under generational curses,from the sins,of the Father.Daniel 9 and Psam 106 KJV.Learn to break off generational curses.Learn spiritual warfare and deliverance.Again,I like Deuteronomy 33 KJV,Daniel`s prayer,Solomon`s prayer,The psalms,Hannah`s prayer.Intercessory prayer videos by Derek Prince,and the book Becoming a Prayer Warrior and Elizabeth Alves.