I found autism in the book of Acts,KIng James bible.

The symptoms of someone with an unclean spirit,in the book of Acts,mimics seziures,which is common in autism.

  • Hi A.Momma.
    I have heard (years ago from a neurologist who was evaluating my son) that epilepsy/seizures is more common in people who have autism than it is in the general population, but epilepsy and autism are two different conditions. Most people who have autism don't have epilepsy, and most people who have epilepsy don't have autism.

    But if you've found something that works for you and those you care for then that's awesome!
  • In Michigan,lowfunctioning kids go to school,until age 26.My son is going on 25 years old.I know tons of kids at my son`s school,that has seziures.Of course not all of them are diagnosed with ASD,but many have ASD and Seziures.The rates of ASD have gone,way up since the 90s.My son was seziure free for several years,and then had one,about this time last year.The neurologist,he saw,well,he has seen many in the last 25 years,I just was not happy with any of them.Thedrugs they want to put them on,are more trouble than they worth.I hope you find something that works for you.
  • Good video,Satan wants God`s people to fall,especially his annointed ones by Deanna Dixon.
  • Another good video Tormenting spirits-sickness by Pat Holliday.
  • A good video/Weight demons by Pat Holiday.Many kids with ASD and many kids in USA have weight issues,so do their parents.Some people have trouble gaining weight.These all can be demon spirits.
  • There is a heatwave going across the midwest.They call it a heatwave,I Guess,cause we don`t get that much of that kind of weather in some parts of the midwest.Many people,including ASD kids get more angry in severe heat.Many people die of heat stroke,in places that are not used to the heat.Some people go into seziures when the heat index goes way up,and their potassium levels drop.I don`t do well in this weather.My husband works in a machine shop,with no widows or air conditioners.He said many ended up going home.I asked him recently if people ever pass out from the heat.I would.I can`t take the heat.Possibly along the same live as the above post.
  • Social media is really,nothing more than a place for occultists to target more victims.
  • More help may be found at LHBC Free audio messages.Good video Saul control and the orphan
  • Psalm 55 KJV.Horror hath overwhelmed me.YES,this is absolutely true.You have those that say,their kids are gifted,they don`t need a curse.Then,there are those of us with low functioning autistic kids,and they can`t be a challenge,and really,there is no useful help.THat is what I have found.Except,for the real God,and sending hima spirits of God,and getting into his true word(the king James bible).The technology comes from the fallen angels and demons that inhabit people.One day,maybe soon,many will wake up and find out their real enemies,are those of their own house hold.Their own family,their so called friends.Matthew 10.Daniel 9 and Psalm 106 KJV.That what Israel was doing to cause God to divorce them,and scatter them,the majority are still doing today,right along with the other nations.We celebrate the giant Nimrod`s birthday on dec 25th.It is not the birth day of Jesus.His birthday is likely on or around 9/11.This is adolatry,and Santa is Satan with a couple of letters re arranged.See the video The book of Enoch,and Trey Smith`s video on the Nephilim.I keep saying,there is nothing I can learn,that will not make me more horrified,than I already am.But,then I learn something new,and I am to my surpise,more horrified than I was before.Jesus Christ is the only one that can save.That Satan has deceived the masses,with the same line he used on Adam and Eve.You can be like gods.They think,having demons give them some ability(magic) makes them a god.No,just deceived.Tis demons doing anything,through a corpse that has no ability to think for themself.Demons control,everything they think say and do.FACT.They may be in there,but not the one in control.I have had to work hard to move past being angry,and move into forgiveness.
  • Lamentations 3.4.5 KJV

  • Lamentations 1 KJV.This is talking about real Judah,not the fake Jews,that rule the entire world.Those people are not under a curse,from God.Real Judah is.HOWEVER,Zephaniah 2;7 KJV.God will save the remnant of Judah first.He will remember his covenant in these last days,and defend his true church.
  • Check out this book,The Screw Tape Letters by C. S. Lewis and this video by Deanna Dixon witchcraft-how to fight and win.
  • See also this video How to take every thought Captive by Nelson Schuman.
  • I don`t agree with send it back to the sender prayers.YOu can use psalms 94,109,35,and 140,129 to get the same effect,and not woryy if you are practicing witchcraft,by sending it back to the sender.
  • Another Deanna Dixon video Witchcraft-the blood of the choosen-the elite is sacraficing
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