I found autism in the book of Acts,KIng James bible.

The symptoms of someone with an unclean spirit,in the book of Acts,mimics seziures,which is common in autism.

  • Hi A.Momma.
    I have heard (years ago from a neurologist who was evaluating my son) that epilepsy/seizures is more common in people who have autism than it is in the general population, but epilepsy and autism are two different conditions. Most people who have autism don't have epilepsy, and most people who have epilepsy don't have autism.

    But if you've found something that works for you and those you care for then that's awesome!
  • In Michigan,lowfunctioning kids go to school,until age 26.My son is going on 25 years old.I know tons of kids at my son`s school,that has seziures.Of course not all of them are diagnosed with ASD,but many have ASD and Seziures.The rates of ASD have gone,way up since the 90s.My son was seziure free for several years,and then had one,about this time last year.The neurologist,he saw,well,he has seen many in the last 25 years,I just was not happy with any of them.Thedrugs they want to put them on,are more trouble than they worth.I hope you find something that works for you.
  • For years I had the allergy free,wheat free,gluten free,dairy free diet.That helped a great deal with behavior issues.Behavior is not a major issue,with my son.He is happy,and easy going,most of the time.He is just like a toddler and with no speech.
  • For years I had the allergy free,wheat free,gluten free,dairy free diet.That helped a great deal with behavior issues.Behavior is not a major issue,with my son.He is happy,and easy going,most of the time.He is just like a toddler and with no speech.

  • Great video by David Wilkerson.When Jesus comes to his church.
  • Good video on youtube.Deliverance from autism by Brother Carlos.Also,autism deliverance videos by Kay Boachie.
  • My God is a God of truth and righteousness.He is a spiritual being.His people are spiritual beings,our weapons against the enemy are spiritual,God`s healing is spiritual.Israel had this healing balm of Giliad,they used.The name of Jesus,the blood of Jesus,the spoken out loud word of God,the healing balm of Giliad,these are all spiritual weapons and also healing weapons.Apply them all to your childs problems,emotions,physical,or watever.Man does not live by bread alone,but by every word that comes out of the mouth of God.The real word of God(the king James bible is healing to your flesh and blood and bones and soul.
  • Proverbs 4;20-24 and Hebrews 4;12KJV.Are a couple verses that say this.There are more.THis book Prays to Destory Diseases and Infirmaties by Daniel Olukoya is very good.It offers prayers for many disorders and also lists scriptures to pray to accompany the disorder.
  • I think,a big factor in autism is problems with their glands and certain body sytstems,like the pituitary glands,thymus,adrenal glands and their bodies,or adrenal glands release to much cortisol,resulting in the fight or flight thing.Alo,they have issues with their circulatory system,and not getting enough blood flow to the brain and body.These are things you can pray for.Apply the blood and fire of the Holy Ghost to these body parts.Pray for your childs hormones and cortisol levels to be normal,in the name of Jesus.Pray for all of the body systems to work the way God intended in the name of Jesus.These include circulatory,nervous,lymphatic system.Pray for these specifically,every day.Costs nothing.You have to beleive in Jesus Christ to get any results.Breaf off generational curses,for best effect.Fast for even more power.
  • I have this issue with my dog,Cocoa Bear.She is 14 years old.If you look on line,it will tell you,the life expectancy of Labs.They say,brown labs have shorter life spans.Ised to feed my son all or mostly organic foods and tons of supplements,which he happily shared with our dog.I was able to treat her hip displasia,with EFAS,I put on my son`s food,which he shared with her.Anyway,I quit buying all organic food and giving my son supplements,at around age 19 or 20.It just costs to much,and I did not get a step up to his mental age being helped,as I wanted.It helped his health a great deal,seziures,and frequent infections.Helped with his agressive behavior,but did not raise in mental ability.I don`t buy supplements anymore.My dog,getting on in years,Pants frequently.I noticed she was doing it,even when we had a bout of below zero weather,last winter.Researching what causes that.I think she has chushings disease.What is a vet going to do for an old dog?CHarge for tons of stuff,I don`t need.I came to the conclusion,her body,or her adrenals were releasing to much cortisol.I pray the prayers for her,for her adrenals to heal and for her body to stop producing to much cortisol and I pray this for my son,and her panting stops.
  • Good video,Satan wants God`s people to fall,especially his annointed ones by Deanna Dixon.
  • Another good video Tormenting spirits-sickness by Pat Holliday.
  • A good video/Weight demons by Pat Holiday.Many kids with ASD and many kids in USA have weight issues,so do their parents.Some people have trouble gaining weight.These all can be demon spirits.
  • There is a heatwave going across the midwest.They call it a heatwave,I Guess,cause we don`t get that much of that kind of weather in some parts of the midwest.Many people,including ASD kids get more angry in severe heat.Many people die of heat stroke,in places that are not used to the heat.Some people go into seziures when the heat index goes way up,and their potassium levels drop.I don`t do well in this weather.My husband works in a machine shop,with no widows or air conditioners.He said many ended up going home.I asked him recently if people ever pass out from the heat.I would.I can`t take the heat.Possibly along the same live as the above post.
  • Social media is really,nothing more than a place for occultists to target more victims.
  • More help may be found at LHBC Free audio messages.Good video Saul control and the orphan
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