They have all the churches,or do they,really?

I was talking to this muslim guy,I could almost feel his demons coming through my computer screen,when he told me,we have all the churchesand he used somne of those smiley faces,when he posted his comment.I had pretty much already figured out.Then I said,I did not grow up going to church,only for about the first 5 years.Nearly 50 years out of the church.Then,I said You know,many families quit going to church,decades ago.Most of the true church left the building,or were never there,to begin with.God did not want his true church exposed to all the false doctrines,false bibles,and false teachers,not to mention the witchcraft going on in there.So I told him to keep smiling.With the Ottoman and Barbary slave trades,many Europeans were taken into slavery,the women were taken as sex slaves to the Sultan.Many muslims are descendants of Christian Women.God is going to pour out his Holy Spirit on his people.

  • Satan was the angel of music in Heaven.He is the angel of music down here,too.Certain cords of music summon demons(drums).Many singers are witches casting spells on their fans,with their lyrics,not to mention the drums.Satan is the prince of the Power of the air.Sending mind control,demons and witchcraft,through the airwaves.Drugs,alcohol,meditation,yoga,martial arts,tattoos,body piercings,quija baords,these are some gateways to demonic possession.Going to be the movie,the Exorcist,MAGNIFIED BILLIONS of times,when the demons that inhabit people,turn on man kind,and they will.They already are,but going to get much worse.Many doing these mass shootings,are perhaps under mind control,or they have demons of hate,anger murder,violence.A beleiver in Jesus Christ can bind these demons in the name of Jesus.Matthew 16;19 KJV.Psalm 83 KJV.All these nations in psalm 83 KJV,are coming for real Israel.The real lost tribes of Israel,and many of Israel`s own have sold out their God,and their own people,for money.REPENT,before it is to late.