What is autism and aspbergers,really?

I suggest this video 11 signs of soul loss By Nadia,something.Win Worley`s video on the Fragmented soul.Psalm 23;3 KJv.He restoreth my soul.Lots of verse in the bible,about loosing the prisoners,and setting the captives free.Often,what that means is the captive soul.

  • I suggest reading the gospels and the book of Acts,in the King James bible.All Jesus and his disciples did to heal,was cast out unclean spirits.Sometimes,laying on of hands.Jesus intended his church to continue this.
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    Again Autism Momma this has nothing to do with Autism or Asperger Syndrome and they were not known about in Biblical days . I would like to start a discussion on Euthanasia. A girl of seventeen in Holland was allowed to commit suicide and you can commit suicide in Holland from the age of twelve.
  • You could try some autism deliverance videos by Kay Boachie and Brother Carlos.
  • I also suggest this video by Derek Prince.Public enemy number one.
  • Good video by Derek Prince.Spiritual conflict.5 ways Christ undoes Satan`s work.
  • Good video,I will shake all things by Derek Prince.
  • Another good video by Derek Prince.Where are we in bible Prophesy.
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    There is something really contributing to ASD,that no one speaks about,and likely going to offend with this comment,BUT,I have watched many videos by witches,talking about how they bind their kids to them.Now,if a kid,and likely the son,in most cases is bound to his Momma,he is never able to fulfill his role as a spouse and father.He may be successful in his carrier ,or job,but not as the head of his household.It could his a grandmother or wife,who is a witch.With this,we have the bust up of marriages,and families,and often CPS gets called in,and often the kids placed in Foster homes.Moving from one home to another.If even if the parents stay together,and one or both of their parents can`t be what God created them to be,cause they are bound to a parent,the kids suffer.
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    I have come to the conclusion,that my Mother in Law is a witch.Both of her sons have never had the apron strings cut.I also got this from a Derek Prince video,but,I sort of came to that conclusion before hand.Some of the first Ladies in the white House,Like Mrs Lincoln were into the occult,likely cursed every president,and this is one reason we get no leaders that serve the people.Of course,the men have their own brand of the occult.
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    Isaiah 42 KJV