Should Trump be allowed to stand in the 2020 Presidential elections.

I do like his foreign policy re Israel.  On the other hand Trump has broken the law and has a bad reputation and gets the blame for every thing the USA does.  I also like Trump for standing up to Iran.  Do the others think Trump should not be allowed to stand in the 2020 Presidential elections.?

  • I don`t follow politics.No gets in,that is not already approved by those really in charge.
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    Besides,the Electoral college decides and not who gets the most votes.
  • Eventhough,I don`t follow politics,I have been praying for our rulers.Not as much as I should.I need to step it out.These verses sum it up 1 Timothy chapter 2;1-4 KJV and Isaiah 56;7 KJV.God desires for all men and women to come to the knowledge of the truth,and to be saved.Our rulers rule over us,so we should pray for them to be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth,I always,ask this,in the name of Jesus.I pray for them to rule,by the fear of the Lord,and,and to be Just,Turn our leaders hearts to fear you,in the name of Jesus.
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    Actually,I pray for him to put the fear of the Lord into the entire House of Israel,and those Mixed with the house of Israel.Many od Israel`s patriarchs married into tribes,God forbid them to marry into.He allowed them to be taken into captivity.The women and giels were often raped,and Israel is likely all mixed with the nations,in the last days,or most are.
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    I am sitting in London listening to a radio programme costing the earth. I heard Trump does not believe in Climate Change. Do you believe in Climate Change? You know many cities in the next thirty years could be under water.
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    No i don`t believe in climate change.God controls the weather.Or Satan and his magicians do.