Born in America

Now,we all know,USA has been going down for like 20 or 30 years,and has been set up to be taken down.WHY,have immigrants wanted to come here.WHY,have people wanted their kids to be born here?Not as much in the last 30 years,but since the nation was founded?Psalm 87 KJV,87;5,and of Zion it shall be said,this man was born there.86;6 The Lord shall count,when he writeth,that this man was born there.

  • I suggest David Wilkerson`s video Babylon is falling.Also see Jack Flaws videos on the lost tribes of Israel.Enter the Norman/Viking invasion of Europe,cause God`s people did not follow their God.Jeremiah 8;16 KJV.Or should I say,the tribe of Dan?