The oppressed people

Seems someone is trying to block me from answering,so I have to create a new post.God allowed his people to be oppressed and taken down by their enemies,for their sins.Isaiah 58 KJV.Cry aloud,spare not.Tell my people their transgressions.The House of Jacob their sins.Daniel 9 and Psalm 106 KJV.Tellls exactly,what Israel and Judah`s sins were.False god worship,sacrafising to false gods(Often their own children) idolatry and occultism.God told them,if they continued in these sins,what would happen.As for who is oppressed today,likely the severe autistics,those that have sickness.It is done with witchraft,so no one can prove anything.The real all seeing eye is Jesus.Satan is not omi present.He can`t see all.He has to send out his demons and human agents to report back to him,what is going on.Jesus,see`s what is being done to his real people.He will avenge them.