Missing biblical books

1 Chronicles in the very last paragraph,it mentions these books,The Book of Nathan the prophet.The book of Samuel The Seer and the Boo of Gad The Seer.The book of Enoch,and the Book of Jasher are also referenced in the king james bible.I have not totally covered the whole book,so not sure,yet,about other books.I suspect they were removed cause they pertain to the end times.They(Satan) and his crew want God`s people to be ignorant and clueless.Hosea 4l6 I think,God`s people perish for a lack of knowledge.We are not getting knowledge that will stand in the last days,in Satan`s schools,and churches,which have removed the real bibles,in most churches,and books are missing from the real one.

  • Reading some in the book of Samuel the Seer.Gives a bit of history of the Palestianians.The ancient Philistines.They were giants.Also,a bit of info on others peoples in the area.Perhaps,they are among those called Jews,today?Caesar renamed it Palestine.