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David Wilkerson/When Jesus comes to his church.

  • Other good videos by Win Worley,John Echardt and Derek Prince.Check them out.
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    My biggest problem.When when you try and stay away from sin,and follow Jesus,the devil has a way,to get in.Through your mind.For me,he keeps planting things in my head,that make me angry.Keeps hammering me with them.I had no idea how to deal with it.Often would get the better of me.I found this video by David Wikerson/Hatching snake eggs.I think,I found something to help.
  • Another good David Wilkerson video, The Beggars are a sign.Much to do with Jeremiah warning Jerusalem,God was about to destroy it.God is about to destroy,many nations,who whore after other gods.
  • Here is another good video by David Wilkerson.Learning how to encourage yourself in the Lord.Many of his videos,it seems,have been only recently posted.There were not as many posted,when I first started listening to him.I have struggled with anger and bitterness,my whole life,BUT,I always,had a relationship with Jesus.WHY?When my mom passed,when I was 3 years old.I was told she was in Heaven,with Jesus.I still was a bit angry,at my dad leaving,my grandfather.Then I was adopted by relatives.I got married at 19,and my husband was an absentee father.I was angry and bitter with him.My son`s dad,pretty much,the samething.I never had any bible teaching growing up.I think,it was have helped me.Just from somethings I saw on TV,like the 10 Commndments,with Charlton Heston,and such.I went to catecism,for a brief time,I had the Lord`s prayer memorized.That is about it.
  • Another good David Wilkerson video.What does it mean to walk in the spirit.I really didn`t know what this meant,and I likely often,wasn`t.If you follow Jesus,and your enemy has no way to get you,they come through your mind.Plant things in your head.Angry thoughts,to get to go off.Bombard me with them,and I did not know how to fight it,or what to do.As I mentioned before,A couple of David`s videos gave me the answer.Cast them down,and forsake them,in the name of Jesus.As to how to walk in the spirit.He has the best explanation,I have ever seen,in this video,What does it mean to walk in the spirit.
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    Another good video by David Wilkerson.When God sets his heart on you.
  • Another good video BY Kennith Hagin.God`s medicine.The word of God(the king James bible) is health to your flesh and bones and every disorder,for those who follow him.
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    deliverance prayers by Derek Prince is another good video.
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    Another good Derek Prince video,ruling by prayer.God gave all power and authority to his real beleivers,They have been kept ignorant of this,and the real bibles have been replaced with fakes.Many think the elite rule.They do,only because God`s people don`t follow their God,and observe his statutes.WHen they turn away from their sins,and repent,and turn to their God,he is faithful,They then have the power to change things,The more people praying for the same things,the more power we have,I loose confusion upon satan`s demons and command them to fight each other in the name of Jesus.Truth is,the elite,and many have demons controlling them.When you loose confusion upon them and command them to fight each other,they cannot carry out their evil assignments,WHO has the POWER?All the glory to Jesus.
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    In Acts chapter 12,all beleivers came together to Pray for Peter,who was in Prison,to be released.Today,many,their souls are in prison.Psalm 23 KJV He restoreth my soul.Why,does he need to restore our souls?Witches are taking them out,or pieces of them.Psalm 7 KJV Lest he tear my soul like a lion,rendering it in pieces.Some common prayers the church could come togather to pray,Psalm 102,psalm 23,John 17 KJV.Let the prisoners be loosed in the name of Jesus.Loose those appointed to death,in the name of Jesus.I pray for God`s true church to come together,in one place,that we be of one mind,one supplication,that we have one common prayer,I pray this in the name of Jesus.I also pray,for God to raise up real Levitical priests,after God`s own heart,to minister to his people,in the name of Jesus.