What is the school required to do?

I have a 5 year old diagnosed as high functioning Aspergers with ADHD and anxiety. He just started kindergarten this year in a general ed classroom. They put him with a new teacher, which I told them was a bad idea during my first of many meetings at the school. He has been suspended 3 times, and I've had to pick him up early numerous other times. I have asked repeatedly for an IEP and was told no. I was told he could have a 504 plan, but that has never come about either. He is very intelligent, and I've been told they want to test him for gifted. His problems are with behavior. He hits, kicks, spits, bites, and has tantrums. He was meeting with his guidance counselor twice a week at lunch, but that has stopped as well. I was never told why or even informed that they were stopping. I've offered to have his therapist come help either with developing an IEP or in the classroom and been told no.

My question is, what are his rights? What should I be asking for? What is the school required to do for him?
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