This is a pretty difficult conversation to have. Has anyone witnessed or experienced hazing before? I use to work for a company in my later years of college and there were some employees using professional equipments to haze and bully people. I was one of the people that was bullied. On birthday recognition emails they left me out. I was hired as a technician for the department but they kept referring to me as an intern and when they hired three new interns they left me out of those  events too. 

It is getting pretty blurry between the relationship of employers and employees when you find out that your employer can stalk you during and outside of business hours. This whole thing about data and personal information let’s almost anyone get access to anyone else’s information and I think it’s just another method of exploitation. I use to get terrible PTSD attacks from those places and it’s been following me throughout my career. The equipments that they use are common in this industry and it’s a nightmare thinking about it. Some of those equipments use GPS Signaling and that’s another bigger issue. 

  • I don’t know, I think what I experienced was a mix of hazing and bullying. The company that I worked for was misusing their survey equipments or some type of equipment and it also seemed to pick up GPS Signals and it would temporary shock and sometimes paralyze people. The other problem with that was since it was picking up GPS Signals is that sometimes it picked up people’s GPS locations, sometimes without their knowledge or consent. I mean the difference between working for corporate and a regular government job shouldn’t be about how well another person gets along with a company or organizations hazing/bullying culture. Now there are things like cybercrime and extortion and it’s even more difficult to tell who’s causing the harm. Todays traditional enforcement practices are like getting exploited where there are weaknesses and it leaves a lot of people without any justice. The most unethical thing is when that device hits people it’s also conditioning them with another stimuli. I can’t look at this industry the same anymore.  

    I haven’t quite found a coping strategy but I’ve been trying to be more active so I don’t have to think about the horrible things that they were doing. I’ve been playing tennis with my stepfather  and it’s getting better but I hate that the lack of security and comfort on the internet is not the same anymore.