Making use of time

Hello all, I am a new member of this network and have come across this group! I am grateful to have been giving the opportunity to join a group where we can learn and teach eachother. The present events is no new news to anyone, with this changes made in daily life, my brother who is autistic (I am his older sister), his routine and Behaviour changed. It was hard to get him to adjust to what became the new norm. Now it is hard to make him understand that doing some work on online classes is important Etc. However, we decided to spend more time on my brothers YouTube channel. He has been interested in this for a long time, but because of work and school, we were so busy to help as much as we are now. During lockdown, we have taught my brother how to cook and bake, we have made videos about his new skills on YouTube and now he looks forward to making these everyday. He also produces some educational content. I would be grateful if you could all take some time out of your day to check out his channel - Ridwan Chowdhury 123. I also pray and hope that his channel and growth can inspire people too! Thank you all!