Autism and Moving

I’ll go ahead and let this picture be an example. For those of you also on the Spectrum, how do you handle moving? In my case, I’m a freak of nature. It’s a royal pain in the neck but I’m a Military Brat. Both of my parents were in the US Army. I was born on base at Ft. Campbell, Kentucky. I have no memory of ever living there, because we moved to Mannheim, Deutschland(Germany). I was 18 months old when we moved there and 5.5 years old when we came back to the States. Including the move I’m currently in process of, I’ve packed up and packed out a total of 15 times if you include times I’ve traveled for work away from home for months at a time which was also a process of trying to find myself years ago. After packing up 7 times in less than 3 years between July 2009 and March 2012, I’ve become extremely proficient at packing. My previous move was back in 2012 from Nevada to North Carolina in my last Car pictured here a couple of years ago when I was helping a coworker move locally. Pulled my basket out of the Garage, rigged it up to the top, folded down the back seats, then had at it. Miss that car. It was the first Car I bought by myself. I’d just paid it off in December 2018 when I was hit from behind at 35mph. Car still got me home safely after that. It was totaled as a result. I rate Hyundai very highly. Great cars. Bought a brand new one last year which is larger, better on fuel, and fits my 6’3”, 240lbs self. I moved from Las Vegas to Charlotte, by myself, doing the drive in a 2010 Hyundai Accent GLS, and that thing stayed with me for over 7 years without any problems until it was totaled.

  • moving can be a big change than what you're used to, i've dealt with this a lot of times and what i can say is that it's hard but you just have to learn how to adjust to a new house, new town and new people. and after all that stress is gone away. you'll get used to this and you start to know the differences from where you lived before to where you live now. then you start to get more comfortable as the months or years go by.