Finding people with autism who are also gay.

Hello, This is Albert and i'm autistic, but i'm also gay and while i'm trying to figure out my sexuality more. i also need to talk to somebody who shares the same thoughts as me. This could be a way to help my self-confidence and social skills. so far I've read couple of articles about autism/LGBT stories. and watched a few videos on YouTube. and i can totally relate to the people I've seen. how they talk about being on the outside world and exploring their sexual orientation while still grappling with autism behavior and issues. most autistic people like me don't really understand how we feel about having the same dual identities.  Plus we share the same backlash from people who feel that we can't be the same things even it's not like it was 40 years ago.

some cases like bullying can be crushing and it could lead to eventual suicide threats, stress and depression. what society needs to do is to be kind to one another. no matter how they are or what they know. I can believe for a fact that I've shared my bad breaks, but i'm a strong person. what i do regret is that i should've came out sooner back in high school. one story that i've read is that a guy named Eric wanted to join a gay-straight alliance class but was also autistic so he couldn't join because of what people would think. and it hit me that a teacher of my asked me the same thing back then. we were both afraid of coming out, getting bullied even more. but now we've gotten older and more accepting with being gay and autistic. I think the fear of that is starting to show signs of waning. it's because we started not to care what people think and heard. we just wanted to be ourselves. but still learning how to conduct to the outside world with building social skills as the key. If you're interested on reading stories about or related to LGBT/Autism, here are the links:


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