problems with tics

hey this is Albert, and i want to share my personal experience with tics. whenever i see something on the TV or my laptop, i start walking and pacing out, saying and repeating words. that triggers my autism. what i'm starting to do with this situation is going to the living room and meditating to help myself. but the problem is that i don't self-discipline sometimes. when my autism comes, Sean comes here and tries to help me go to the living room even thought he shouldn't and what also selfish of me is that we have two rooms close to each other and i make noise, distracting his personal time to himself. and i feel bad about it because i don't push myself enough to fix this problem and get lazy. so it feels good to talk about this instead of letting it hang around this long. it's a part of my autism and I've got to learn to slow down my tics to the point where it's almost non-existent. 

if you or someone you know have this problem, FEEL FREE TO COMMENT!! 

  • Hey Al, it's great that you are concerned about being considerate. Are tics really controllable without medication though? Just wondering.

    Best wishes.

  • Well i just researched just now about clonidine. It can help reduce tics and ADHD. that's all i know so far. but i don't take it. the medication i take is to help reduce my anxiety and stress. but it does not reduce nor control tics. but however i am trying my hardest to take control from my tics. i'm hoping that it will wane overtime. it's not gonna have overtime. but i do thank you for checking up for me and making sure that i take this advice greatly.