learning the ways of the world.

sometimes i used to think when i was younger that i know everything but the truth is that i'm still learning what goes on in the world. as i continue to expand during my adulthood. i still sometimes gravitate to younger tendencies and behavior issues. but slowly but surely i'm growing out of it. i'm 23 years old now. i'm not going to stay young forever. there's still goals i haven't accomplished yet. like job skills. during this quarantine, I've made schedules to work from home. the problem is that staying on task and figuring out can be difficult for me because i make it like that. another is cooking skills while there are some foods that i know to cook well, my downfall is not being focused and being afraid to screw up. last night i saw my mentor make breakfast at night. really. all i had to do was to watch him keep being focused on what he was and how to breakfast was made right. so that i could improve some things. but i'm still not ready yet. because it will take time and patience. i will not try to act so selfish and think this is my world. i'm part of this population that strides to be at their greatness. and who would not be able think of that as much. the problem that we got in this world today ever with is virus is that we focus to much on selfishness rather than gratitude and being grateful. we worry about so many thing that are not even a big deal. we should be thinking about other people and their feelings as well as ourselves. i know I've gotten off track of my life but this message matters now more than ever. we should not be afraid of a virus or what ever comes our way of life. remember that this too shall pass. America we've been thought worse before, but we never give up hope. we always come together thought thick and thin. thought trails and tribulations, sickness and health, war and peace, life or death. we will always come together in the power of God.

OK now I've gone off the deep end but this message will inspire you.