How to deal with a pandemic.

this is Albert here, and i want to talk about the current situation us Americans are dealing with. the coronavirus pandemic. and not just us, it's been spreading all around the world. it started around late 2019 in china. then later it spread all other continents like Italy, Canada, and so on. over here in America, it has hit us hard, 

many events were canceled. many people were affected by this virus.   people had mild to severe symptoms and so far in the US, around 400-500 people have died. this virus is airborne and we been practicing social distancing, and staying in our homes to prevent ourselves from this. in fact, tolite papers and hand sanitizers were sold out everywhere. people were finding ways to be creative at home while this is going on. going to social media and talking to family and friends at  Skype. 


as for myself, i've been planning schedules for this week. and i've devolved an new interest in painting. I've done two canvas and when i get back to work i'll show my painting to my fellow co-workers. it's been a struggle for me. but i have been thought worse weather before. i'm doing what i can to help our country. i'm taking my temperature to make sure i don't feel sick. i'm doing well. but for many thousands of people, it's been tough. and hard not seeing their loved ones. but trust me. we will get thought this together. then before you know it everything will be back to normal. 


have you or a loved one ever dealt with a national crisis like this one right now, and how are you coping with this?



  • You sound like a very positive person, Albert Slight smile

    When the pandemic spread to Japan last year, I lost nearly all of my students (I teach ESL for a living) due to the lockdowns + the overall cautious nature of this culture, which was reflected in almost all of my students discontinuing their lessons "until further notice," and have had very little work since then.  It's been hard for me, as aside from having to subsist off of my savings, I love to teach English as a Second Language, most of my socializing came out of my interactions with my students, and not being able to teach as much as I would like, tends to get depressing for me.

    One thing that helped me, however, was getting into a gaming community. For me, it was a hidden object game that held weekly guild competitions: joining a guild, working with them every week in the competitions, and getting to know them in our guild chat through the rest of the year, kept me busy, socializing, and diverted from my own problems, as of course tends to happen when friends vent to each other Stuck out tongue winking eye

    With my OCD, I really can't handle social media, but I have enjoyed finding audiobooks to listen to on YT as I play my guild games, clean, cook or mend, and this year also began going on almost daily walks with my dad, whom I live with in the countryside.  Honestly, if I could just get my "regular" income back through online ESL students, this pandemic situation would be easier for me than life was before COVID-19: no having to navigate crowds, except for my once-a-week commute to give an in-person lesson, no getting roped into that confusing, anxiety-inflicting sensory-overload inducing atmosphere that is group-socializing.  I begin to wonder if we on the spectrum might actually be better-equipped to deal with social distance and physical isolation than the average NTThinking

  • Kerena:  Do you think the Olympic Games in Japan should go ahead or should they be cancelled or postponed again?  Do you think the precautions such as no foreign spectators are enough?

    David Shamash London England.

  • I thought from the very first, that hosting a summer Olympics in Japan was a terrible idea: you have to have experienced summer in Japan to understand, but the brutal heat and suffocating humidity make it hard just to move, and they expect athletes not to suffer heatstroke in all-out competition??  Japan would be an excellent host for winter Olympics, and has been, several times throughout the decades, but summer? NO.  It's even worse now than it was 5~10 years ago, and it was already unbearable thenFace palm♀️

  • What I meant: Should the Olympics be delayed or canceled because of this Coronavirus Pandemic?  The Vaccination is working well in the UK so we hope by the end of June to remove all Coronavirus regulations but I expect there will still be travel restrictions from abroad. 

    David Shamash London England.

  • I know what you meant, David, and if I didn’t think it was a ridiculous idea to have Japan host a summer Olympics at all, I’m not certain I would have an opinion on whether or not it should be delayed or cancelled due to COVID-19Shrug tone1‍♀️

    If it were a Winter Olympics in question, on the same time frame in relation to the vaccinations being carried out now, I’d want to defer to the researchers studying this disease, as to whether or not it would be better to postpone or cancel the Olympics.  As it is, though, I think the Olympic committee would do better to swap Japan for another country with a more temperate summer, and give Japan the hosting responsibility for a Winter Olympics instead - far more sensible, IMO.

  • Kerena:  I think the main reason they should not do the Olympics is because of the danger of the virus spreading.  Hot summers is another reason but it has been suggested to do it early in the morning perhaps by changing the clocks so it will not be so hot.  Changing the clocks to make 7 am 10 am would probably confuse people. Has it not been suggested to put the clocks forward so the Olympics could be done early in the morning? I think until the virus is sorted out we should not do the Olympics anywhere in the world.  As Japan is a hot Country even when the Pandemic is over they should only do it in winter.

  • Couldn’t agree more with your final statement, David Thumbsup  BTW, please feel free to call me Kay or even K. It’s much shorter and reasonable to spell/type out than Kerenina, so most all of my online friends use Kay Wink

    Changing the clocks would be something, LOL! Realistically, if they wanted to beat the heat here in the middle of summer though, they’d have to start the games @5:30am and END by 10amGrimacing But it would definitely be safer to hold off on resuming the Olympics anywhere in the world until this pandemic is well and truly over Thinking

  • Or at least, swap Tokyo for Sapporo, as Sapporo is much less humid, and cooler, than Tokyo during the summer, being much further north in Japan.

    On another note, it would be interesting to speculate if the Tohoku earthquake/tsunami and the accompanying Fukushima Daiichi nuclear meltdown had taken place last year, in March 2020, instead of March 2011. (This is assuming *instead* of COVID-19, not in addition to it.) Would the Tokyo Olympics have been cancelled for last summer, or at least greatly scaled down, under those circumstances?

  • You’ve been to Japan, YoffiemtlQuestionIndeed, if the Olympic committee is set on holding a Summer Olympics in Japan, Sapporo would at least be a reasonable location compared to Tokyo, but I’m afraid that the insistence on Tokyo is due to Japan’s pride in their capital, and it’s just rotten timing that Japan wasn’t given this chance to host a Summer Olympics 20 or more years ago, when summers here were still at least bearable. As summers are now, I think that both the committee and Japan are insane to consider Tokyo for a Summer Olympics at all ; I really can’t think of a worse location!

    Considering the time it took for the nuclear contamination in Fukushima to be contained in 2011, and the distance between Fukushima and Tokyo, I expect that if it had occurred in March of last year instead of COVID-19, that both the committee and the Japanese government would have been required to produce proof of Tokyo’s safety concerning radiation levels before any sort of international event would have been allowed to take place that summer. I doubt that “scaling down” would have been seen as a viable option if radiation levels were deemed to be a health risk. I live even farther from Fukushima than Tokyo, and yet households with children in our area were advised to evacuate westward until the situation in Fukushima was under control after the nuclear plant meltdown Radioactive

  • I've never been to Japan or anywhere close myself, but I'm a geography nerd, and so I know about all sorts of different locations even if I've never travelled there and even if I don't have close family/friend ties.

  • Nice! What part of the world are you in, then, and how have you been faring through this pandemic?

  • I'm in Canada, more specifically in Montreal. These days, Montreal hasn't been faring as badly as some regions of Quebec, as well as Ontario, British Columbia, and certain other provinces.

  • Where in Japan are you, just wondering?

  • I’m in Chiba prefecture, the peninsula southeast of Tokyo, so not in a lockdown zone, but close enough to one Stuck out tongue winking eye

    Because the city we’re in is a rural one (I know that sounds like an oxymoron, but hopefully you understand if you know how this country is sectioned and subsectioned), the population is very sparse compared to Tokyo, and we’ve managed to get this far without a single known COVID-19 case, nevertheless, most everyone is very cautious, to the point that it hasn’t been necessary to institute mask fines or anything of the like, this entire time MaskThumbsup

  • The Olympic Games are still going to go ahead so I hear.

    Foreigners will not be allowed to watch the games.

    As you live in a quiet area of Japan the games probably will not spread the virus to your area.

    It will probably mean more people will be infected in Tokyo?

    Do you think the precautions will stop the Virus spreading?

    David Shamash

    London England.

  • I suppose that in a "perfect" world - pandemic and all - where everyone wears masks and is distanced 6 ft/2 m apart, and where everyone takes precautions, then I suppose that the Olympics could still go on even amid surges in COVID hospitalizations like what's now taking place in Japan. And believe me, the IOC is going out of its way to take health/safety precautions!

  • What do you think of  the Olympic Games in Japan still going ahead without spectators?

    I think the football match in Wembley England helped to spread the Virus.

    The good thing s that there will not be anyu spectators at the Olympics in Tokyo.  Is it still unwise to go ahead with the Olympics?  I would like to see replies from anyone with a view especially Keren who lives in Japan.

  • What do you think of  the Olympic Games in Japan still going ahead without spectators?

    I think the football match in Wembley England helped to spread the Virus.

    The good thing s that there will not be anyu spectators at the Olympics in Tokyo.  Is it still unwise to go ahead with the Olympics?  I would like to see replies from anyone with a view especially Keren who lives in Japan.

  • I don't want to sound insensitive to the Japanese people, but I think that the 85% of people in Japan who are opposed to having the Olympics amid a rising COVID surge in their country are kind of overreacting. I could see why they'd be worried that the Olympics would be a superspreader event, but I believe the IOC is trying its very best and answering both to the concerns of the Japanese people and to the current public health situation in Japan. This includes banning spectators from the Games, as well as Olympians not mingling with the locals in the bars and so forth, and the foreign Olympians leaving Japan soon after their events. If those Japanese who are opposed to hosting the Games would stop and think about it in a more rational way, and take a few deep breaths, they might not become as opposed to the Games.

  • Yofi are you from Canada.

    I am from England.   In London at Wembley they had the world football match which  I think was a big mistake.  It encouraged drunken behaviour everyone who came in had to be tested but lots of people broke into the match illegally without being tested so it was probably a super spreader event worse than the Olympics in Japan.

    Even some of those who are participating have the Virus.  It is a good idea to ban spectators but it would have been better not to have had the Olympics.