mild autism or delayed development

my son will be turning 4 in may. he has been delayed in crawling, (11 months) walking, (17 months). simple things like clapping, i sat with him frequently  to teach him to clap. he learned how to do it about 2 months after i began. at this point he was 7months. present time he is not talking. he will say some words but no more than 2 words at a time. the words he does say are not clear. he has been seeing a speech therapist for the past 6 months. and i understand these type of things take time but i also have some concerns. my dh has an autistic brother so this is where my concerns come into play. we have been to psychiatrist that mainly asked us a series of questions and after it was all said and done, did not find anything that would indicate asd. therefore we then decided to start the speech therapy. from our point of view he understands what he is told and comprehends things. he makes eye contact, he is very playful but at times it is too excessive but again what 3 yr old isnt? he doesnt seem to be able to sit still for more than 5 mins. whether its just his feet or arms something is always swinging or moving. he is affectionate moreso with me and his older sister. also we are having an extremely hard time potty training him.

now given his uncle is autistic my mother-in-law has raised some concern as she has noticed some of the same tendencies that she experienced with her own son when he was younger. for instance she explained that she noticed that he does not like to be touched. as parents i suppose since we are always around children are more comfortable wherever knowing that their parents are there. so when my mil was visiting she took the kids out for the day which was when she noticed and brought them to my attention. i have been tellin myself that with the results from the psychiatrist that he only has a speech delay but the more i sit back and observe my son and have read that there is asd that varies from mild to severe autism. my brother in law has severe autism. the only thing is that  there is no detailed descriptions of what mild asd is. and certainly nothing that can be more helpful than someone who has been there themselves. i would greatly appreciate any feedback or comments. thank you

  • Actually, the symptoms of mild autism are the same kinds of things as the symptoms of moderate autism, or of severe autism. The difference between them is that a person with mild autism either has fewer symptoms or is less affected by the symptoms, or very often both (fewer and less affected). They have questionnaires they go thru with you to see how his behavior is, then compare it to some standards. You can always have your son reevaluated. Maybe ask the speech therapist what she thinks. One or two symptoms of autism don't make a person autistic

    Best wishes.