My 4 year old not talking.

Hi I am Nickesha. Zachary is my son, he recently turned 4 and he still has not uttered a word. I literally went online in search of a group as I want to talk about it all. He is very active, likes running around and make sounds that at times sound like songs as well as other unrecognizable ones. I pray every day and do all I can with him.  

  • Please get him evaluated so you can get him any interventions that are available.
  • I would start with his primary care physician. Ask for a referral to a speech therapist for an evaluation. If they can't help, or won't help, or maybe even if they can I would also contact the local school district. He should be eligible for help from them too (since he's over 2 and 1/2).

    Best wishes.
  • My Nephew is 9 and wasn’t speaking until about age 6. He doesn’t speak all that well. Even though his hearing is as sensitive as mine is(I also have Autism but extremely mild, and I’m 33), his speech is as if he was hard of hearing. My Sister had the same situation as you are having. Definitely look into early intervention. That’s been available since the 1980s for kids in his situation. What helped me was having the correct people. My very first teach and longtime friend helped me find my first words. My Sister found Easter Seals which continues to do many of the services my Nephew receives. My Mom in my case had just left the Army when I was diagnosed in 1989. Much of my early intervention came from the DOD as we were stationed in Germany. My Dad was active duty all the way until retirement in 1994. I continued to get services until I met the criteria of not needing each one of them. By High School, I stopped receiving services because I no longer needed them. What happened instead was internships, and the start of my career. I’ve been doing Security since early my Senior Year, October 2004. I’m currently an Asset Protection Specialist and Support Management for a major company. My nephew will be fighting a bigger battle than I had. He will likely be requiring services for the rest of his life. The faster you can get services for him, the better his odds of overcoming many obstacles. I’m saying that as an Uncle of someone with Autism, and myself being someone with Autism. There’s one other thing you need to know, and that’s the fact that no two cases of Autism are alike.