30 years since my first Autism diagnosis. New challenges

This coming Friday will make 30 years since I was originally diagnosed with Autism. I’m 33 years old now. Strangely enough I remember people showing me cards and trying to get me to speak. I didn’t speak for another few months after that, outside of repeating things said to me. Fast forward 30 years, and now I’ve been in the Security Profession for the last 15 so what could possibly go wrong. Ummmmm, let me see, yeah, all kinds of things. I deal with people at their worst, usually when they’re stealing. Usually that stealing is feeding a drug habit. Yeah, it gets interesting. I love what I do and the adrenaline rush from it is one of the reasons I’m in the Asset Profession part of Security. I’ve worked for good employers, and crappy employers alike. I’ve worked for some of the biggest companies on the planet. The last one I won’t recommend to my worst enemy. Because of them and how they treat their people, it’s taken me nearly 6 months to come around to trusting my new team. My Boss found out what happened to me. He comes to my building, pulls me aside, and tells me I’m one of his strongest people he’s got. Then he laid out all the details he knew. It’s like God above read my mail. Combine that with people I’ve met from corporate on down to the people I supervise, and finally I feel human again. I’m still not without the scars from the stresses of my last job. I’m only 33. My Mom came and visited me in North Carolina from California. We were on an outing with my fiancé and her mom. It was pointed out to my that I’ve got gray hair coming in on the sides and also a few strands on my beard. Does anyone here have this issue because it’s creeping me out. I’m keeping the beard because my Fiancé won’t let me get rid of it. I keep my head shaved or extremely short because of this. Luckily you have to be right up on me to notice. What should I do? Do I keep it like a trophy from having survived all the crap I’ve seen? Do I keep a shaved head? Or do I use some off the shelf gel to get rid of it that way? I’m taking the brave step of taking a vote. What do you all think I should do? Keep the gray or Get rid of it?
  • It's actually a little-known fact that the majority of people get their first grey hairs in their thirties, so you are within the normal range. Probably true to say that more grey hairs happen sooner for people who have been stressed for a long time. I like the idea of keeping the grey hairs as kind of battle scars from life :) And also they make a man look more mature and less like a boy, which most women like. The stuff you use to dye your hair is pretty nasty chemicals, bad for your skin and they smell terrible when you put it on. I reckon "go loud and proud" with your grey hairs.