Walking on dry sand......

So, my son (with autism) loves to go to the beach and play in the water. But, walking across the dry sand where it's hard to balance is a horrible trial for him. I get the impression he feels like he's falling every time he takes a step. He's a teenager now, and pretty big too,  so carrying him across isn't an option. He's fine once he gets to the wet sand.

Does anyone have any suggestions of what might help him feel steadier / more comfortable walking on the dry sand that is always between the parking/picnic areas and the firmer wet sand?


  • Maybe make a path of wet sand for him to the water?That might take a bit of doing.I don`t know,my autistic son was terrified I think,of how loud the water was,and the sand both.He like a pool of warm water,but if the water is to cold,I doubt he would go in.My boy took off running in the opposite direction,so,the was the last time,I attempted to take him.