Non verbal and including those with aggressive Behavior

I have been thinking about this ASD Lady,I sort of met on line.Facebook.She had sent me a friend request on Facebook.I never accepted.At that time,i was in high gear,focusing on alternative medicine and vaccines in autism.I never bother to check out who she was.Then,after awhile I kept seeing things posted on my feed,about an autistic non verbal women,who was taken from her family,and her computer,which was her only form of communication,was taken from her.She had many college degrees,but was non verbal.I have seen many push for education on this sight for their kids.Truth be told,if they cannot communicate with speech,or if they have tendencies to outbursts and violence,and this can include many who are high functioning,they at some point,likely will be placed in a situation,where their rights are taken away.There are many youtube videos of ASDkids,being removed from the class rooms,and placed in like scream rooms,and they just let them scream,for hours.SOmetimes,they restrain them,and they get hurt.I have seen some kids at my son`s school being restrained,I was not there long enough to witness real abuse.Many want there kids in inclusion,but has been my experience,the teachers and other kids,most of them,don`t want these kids in their class rooms.I tried to have my son put in inclusion,in a preschool type propgram,and the teacher had A high functioning ASD son,and it was clear,to me,she did not want my son in her class.I was not going to put him,where he was not wanted.I new other mom`s who placed their kids in inclusion,and did not go well for any of them.i know,there are exceptions.Do you know how many disabled people get shot by police?A high number.UNpopular post,which many don`t want to hear,but I think reality of the situation is needed.In my humble opinion,Jesus Christ is the only one that can help you.I for sure never really got any help from drs,teachers,or autism support network.You see all these autism speaks cans,asking for donations,but,who do they help?They sure have never helped me.

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