What is ADHD?

I was born in the mid 1960s.First of all.I have seen some come out and say,it doesn`t exist.Others blame things in the environment,or TV,or vaccines.Perhaps it does exist,and it is a built in defense system.From what?Being brain washed?Psalm 68;6 KJV.It is God who sets the solitary in families.If you go off by yourself,and want to be alone,often,society paints you as being mentally ill,or you need to go see a shrink.God has given me a spirit of sound mind.You never know the truth,until you get into his word,and the real bibles have been replaced with fakes in most churches.They use the TV to program people,and schools,and the media.That is why TV shows are called programs.I sat in front of that TV for long periods of time,when I was a kid.I was not always paying attention to it.Nor,was I always paying attention in school.My mind was a million miles away.Not always.But often.

  • The causes of Autism are uncertain especially as many people diagnosed with Autism are not really Autistic but might have some of the symptoms. I am supposed to have mild Autism but one Psychologist who tested me thinks I have a Non Verbal learning difficulty on one side of the brain. Even if Vaccinations cause Autism in a few cases or the symptoms of Autism it is important for a high percentage of babies to be vaccinated to prevent these dangerous diseases. I remember as a very small child having Measles and been very ill with it. May be instead of the MR Jab they should give those vaccinations individually instead of being combined into two jabs to reduce side effects. I do not know as I am not a scientist.
    David Shamash London.
  • The Greek god Hermes is the symbol of the AMA.American medical Association.It is not of the God of Abraham,Issac and Jacob.Not anything,the 12 tribes of Israel used to heal any king of disease.It doesn`t heal anything.
  • Good video God`s medicine by Kenneth Hagin.The word of God(the king James bible) is health to your flesh and bones,and every disorder,for those who follow him.
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