Does your child have health issues?

Mine had severe food allergies and digestive issues.I tried every supplement and herb I could find,and research.Not knowing,I was going down the wrong path.Iwent that path for like 18 years,and then,went as far away as possible.Something,no doctor will tell you,these food issues many ASD kids have are curses and covenants,many made by our own ancestors,some by our enemies.The Israelites did use some herbs and spices.Now,and coming back from my total lack of not using any.I use only those the Israelites used.Just starting this feat.I do not even have all of them yet.Everything is toxic and poison today.Father,I pray you bless my bread and water and take sickness away from me,in the name of Jesus.I pray this for my kids.Always pray over your food.

  • Here is a shocker for anyone here that actually knows me,I used to be an Antivaxxer.I don`t even believe vaccines cause autism anymore.If you believe and serve Jesus Christ.Let my body reject every poison in the name of Jesus.What do I think cause it,now?Generational curses,from the sins of the Fathers.
  • Matthew 15;13 KJV Every plant,that my Father has not planted,will be rooted out.I have this book of lost books of the bible.Not saying every book in it is truth.I do think the epistles to the churches,are good and clement.One of those,forget,which one,says not to use,those herbs of the devil.Now,when I first started using them,I was led by those mentioned in the bible.Thinking,they were all natural,all from God.From reading that forbidden book,the book of Enoc,you learn,those fallen ones were mixing species.Both plant and animal.I wanted to know,exactly,which ones,the Israelites used.I found this site by Dr AXE,or something.Not saying,I trust any doctors.He does list scriptures,to back up his claims.Weather or not you can get them,or if you do,they are not corrupted?I pray for God to bless my food and water.If they are not ok,I pray for us to have access,to those that are pure,in the name of Jesus.
  • This Cannibis legalization is headed for disaster.
  • If your child has issues with sensitivty to sight,sounds,taste and smells,I found food allergies made the issue worse,and I got improvement with allergy food reductions.This was a big issue,but after like20 years of a restricted diet,we don`t have a major problem with it.My son was a head banger.I saw several kids,at my son`school,that wore helmets,due to head banging.THis was also cleared up with diet changes.
  • As an autistic person, I don't have health issues yet cause I'm still young but I sit on the bed with my legs folded in a weird w position. My mentor tells me that it may warn my health in the future if I continue like this. So he tells me to sit in the kitchen or the living room for an hour or two. But I've not been consistent honestly. It's because I've been so used to sitting like this for a long time. I want to try something different, but too scared to make risk. But I will have to get to it in later today.