Meds for 28 year old daughter with autism (moderate / severe level)

Hello, I am new to this site. My daughter, Shannon, is 28. In the early days of her diagnosis, we tried AIT (Berard), some vitamin therapy (didn't work), some diet adjustments (limit dairy.. I'm just no good when it comes to diet stuff that takes a lot of time), tried some sensory integration therapy. She was always in special ed and now a day program, needs 1:1 or a lowish staff to participant ratio).  I would say her autism falls between moderate and severe. She will never live on her own, she's like having a big toddler. She's a whiz when it comes to remembering dates and birthdays, but her communication just isn't.. interactive. She is verbal though. She has had behavioral issues (getting very agitated, hitting, sometimes kicking). I don't think it's 'anger' but rather frustration and she just gets in a zone then it's over almost as suddenly as it arrived.  I say all this just to give background.

Back when she was a teen, her psychiatrist put her on Geodon and Risperidone, adjusting the dosages. She had some huge issues in her early 20's, we changed docs, he took her off Geodon and only prescribed risperidone. The more she had behaviors, he upped the dosage until she was on 2 mg AM and 1.5 PM. She gained 100 lbs but her behavior did improve. I hated all the weight gain, but he never would switch her meds.

Fast forward, we now live in NC (where it's tough to get services, but that's another story). We have a doc who is willing to try other meds. She is on Lamotrigine 2x a day (200mg total). She doesn't eat so non stop compulsively any more and seems okay. Dr. also prescribed Trazodone (we used a low dose) and while it seemed to help Shannon at first, then it seemed to agitate her. We also tried Clonidine and Buspirone but have stopped both. We did the saliva/DNA test to see how she metabolizes meds, because what works on others, doesn't seem to work on Shannon.

Right now she's on Lamotrigine only, and, in a way, I wish we had one more med to calm her a bit. She would try Seroquil, but I'm scared of the non stop eating again.

I'm hoping the test results yield some helpful info. Shannon has very sensitive hearing... I'm going to try a listening program again. She hums almost constantly, sometimes much louder than others. We've been around with essential oils, I think I'll try lavender again and see if that helps.

28 years of dealing with autism and I'm just tired!! I don't mean that to sound negative at all. I love Shannon so much and she brings much joy. She lives at home, doesn't sleep the greatest.... it's just exhausting sometimes (I'm sure you all get this)!  I am thankful she's off risperidone, but wondering what others have tried. 

Thank you for listening!


  • This young man that was shot by the off duty officer in California,recently,he was on meds.They took him off them of changed his dosage.I`m not judging,just offering some truth.These meds don`t cure,and could make people worse.Years ago,I worked in a nursing home,This old man was very aggressive and violent.They had him on many meds.His family took him out of the nursing home,die to his behavior.They took him off all of his meds and his behavior returned to normal.My son is autistic,was violent and out of control when he was little.Now 25 years old.I had him tested for food allergies,and removed problem foods,and his behavior got so much better.The book of Acts,KJV.Many don`t want to hear it.Many will get angry.Drugs are the sorcery of Babylon.They open the gateways to unclean spirits.If you beleive in Jesus Christ,:oose upon your child spirits of God.The spirit of peace,calming,agape love,wisdom,counsel,faith,grace,and the spirit of the Lord.and the spirit of deliverance,in the name of Jesus.BInd spirits of anger,restlessness,murder,hate,OCD,Many likely have spirits causing insomnia.Loose the spirit of deep and restful sleep on them.Many liekly have spirits causing to much cortisol to be released from the adrenals.BInd those spirits in the name of Jesus.See videos by Win Worley,Derek Prince,and John EChardt.
  • Drugs and medications are not condemned by the Bible. Yes, God is more powerful than medication, but medication and medical care are not "the sorcery of Babylon", and they do not "open the gateway to unclean spirits". The Bible does not condemn medical care, or doctor's, or psychiatry. So, pray for your child(ren)? Absolutely! [If you are a believer] But work through doctors and the medical and mental health care systems, too!

    Blessings and peace to all.
  • I will say it clear across you tube.God will take the knowledge of the wise and make them fools,and raise up the meek.The bible says this,too.
  • Do you see how many have to choose between buying their meds and food,and how healthcare is bankrupting many?God did not intend this.The whole sytem,inculding heathcare system,is part of Satan`s Beast system.
  • LIkely going to take the outpouring of the Holy Spirit to get most people to see the truth.The real People of God,that are awake,know the truth.
  • Have you heard the story of Alex Spordalakous?Not sure I spelled his name right.His mother was desperate for help,that mainstream medicine could not give.I know,there was another case of a mother that did the samething to her autistic daughter.The names escape me.Desperate parents,and a healthcare system that failed them,because it is not from God.
  • Have you ever looked up the word Pharmakia in Hebrew and in Greek?
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  • The KIngdom of Jesus Christ is coming and the KIngdoms that rule this world are going down in flames.Satan get his breif reign of terror on planet earth.He even gets to kill the saints.Then Jesus returns to take him out,and ALL who follow him.Only 2 places to go from here,UP and down.
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