New challenges

Hello,  I am new to this website. I have a 6 year old who will turn 7 in 2 weeks!  He was diagnosed with autism when he was 3.  He goes through different phases good and bad.  He went through a long a phase for a couple of years were he would not wear short sleeve shirts, only long.  He now wears short and long sleeves.  His new thing, for a good 5-6 months now, things have to be a certain way or he will ask for the toy, book, etc to be fixed.  Fixed to him means to just touch the toy and its fixed!  It is a real struggle because this will become a big deal and he will have meltdowns because if this.  He is also having a hard time in school taking off his shoes and taking the shoe laces off when he refuses to do work.  His ABA at school is working on this.  It also makes it difficult because he has basically taken over his bedroom which he shares with his brother.  He likes to keep a mess on the floor, meaning all his toys (which I had to remove most of them since there is no where to walk) and he keeps all the pillows, sheets on the floor.  He thinks its only his room and has a fit if I clean up the room.

He was also having a hard time sleeping waking up at all times in the middle of the night.  Since the fall he has been taking Trazadone and we can finally sleep! 

He talks but does not have conversations.  He will ask questions and tell you what he wants.  Does autism get better?  Will he become aware of his surroundings as he gets older?  Will he understand safety?  Will he stop wandering as an adult?  My husband and I worry about his future.  Does anyone have children close in age?  It is also hard since we can't always do things as a family.  My husband and I will take turns doing one on one things with our kids since we do not want our other son to miss out on things.  


Thanks for listening!


  • Hi Aoneil

    My son is actually much older than yours (17 now) and I can tell you that these kids do still learn and gain skills. They learn at their own rates and in their own ways, but they do learn. My son hasn't ever 'caught up to his same age peers' as I had originally hoped, but your child may or may not - my child is more severely affected and also developmentally delayed. ABA is a great tool and can be used to lay the foundation for staying with a group and to teach safety rules. So, the answer to most of your questions is "probably at some point" he will learn not to wander and to understand safety and become more aware of his surroundings. - maybe not by the time he's any certain age, but he will likely learn these things. And starting early with ABA and other interventions is the key to him achieving his potential.

    Best wishes.