Flu deaths

There is a lot of talk about deaths from the flu and flu outbreaks in my state,and maybe yours.Why don`t you hear about this? www.herbwisdom.com/herb-elderberry.html
  • No the flu doesn't kill people its bacterial infection that attack you when you are weak from the flu and when you have secretions in your nose ears and lungs that bacteria can grow in from the viral respiratory infection. Its called opportunistic infection. Like people don't die from HIV they die from AIDS which is a syndrome of multiple bacteria infecting the body without any immune response. So yes when we treat flu patients they are seen for multiple complex bacterial infections usually acquired in the community. You should see the "Ghost Buster's" suit I have to wear to take care of a patient with Swine Flu.
  • My mom is 82.She retired at 67.She worked at the hospital and the drs office.She has been on supplements for years.
  • I think immune systems, like all our other organs, can regerate if they're not compromized past a point of no return
  • Didn`t know anything about nutrition back then.
  • Had to call my ex husband to pick up my daughter,as I was to sick to take care of her.If I had known what a spinal tap would do to me,i would not have gotten one.If you nver had one,i`ll tell you,you feel like someone hitting you in the head with a sledge hammer,for 2 weeks straight.Well,the first week was bad,the 2nd week was a little better.Plus,I had the flu on top of that.Fine as long as you lay down and keep your head on the pillow.Minute you lift your head,Wham,that sledge hammer bashing you in the head.Only had one kid back then.Man,life was so much easier with one kid.Love them all,but,still,my life was so much easier.
  • i don't feel sick with the flu, right now, the corona virus is everywhere in the world. that's why i'm being quarantined in my house for the next few weeks until this peaks. sometimes i let my greed get in the way because i need to pay off my phone bill. but that doesn't matter now. i'm literary risking everything for my health. but i know i'm not alone, people feel the same way i feel. nobody's outside and doing the thing they love to do. but it's for the best. i miss work, i miss my job. but again, it's for my health and well being. and i wish everybody to do in their part. because if you think that you can't get this, you have know idea what it's capable of. remember to stay safe and wash your hands.