What are the TOP 3 hassles or frustrations that you deal with your kids daily?

I'd love to hear your input and offer advice!
  • Lauren, I do not have any children or married either. I have became a friend of a Diet Scientist, who was badly injured in 1985 and 1986. We swim together at AQUAMOVES, meeting there 7 years ago. We both have spinal injuries and we share our own interests especially in her own home for she is unable to walk very far with out assistance Lauren
  • Hmmm,, lack of Paying attention kind of gets me frustrated. When I ask something & I get a blank stare, I get frustrated.. This week we are beginning Subtraction & working with him on homework has been getting me frustrated because he's not quite getting it.
  • lack of sleep - mine - due to lack of theirs. Them shouting at the top of their lungs for someone to be quiet. Pouring a glass of water 6 times before it is acceptable.
  • bounce city, video games and indoor putt putt.
  • For me,my son`s constant need to eat and stim.I think,it`s time to try meds.My daughter,her ability to focus and find things,like she can`t remember where she took off her shoes.Just bought her 2 new pair.Sent my neice to buy a pair,and she picked out some cute hello kitty shoes,but,they jurt her feet,so,she won`t wear them.I took her to get some,and I wanted velro as she can`t tie her shoes.Needs them for gym class.Can`t find them.She does not like to wear socks or shoes.Takes them off,wear ever she is,and can`t remember where she left them.
  • Like that line in Forrest Gump.Momma always says,life is like a box of chocolates,You never know what your going to get.Kind of like everyday life with autism,you never know,how well they are going to cope.Some days really well and others,like being in a battle zone.My daughter makes me laugh,though.Her teacher called the other day,said,she doesn`t seem to study enough,but,she is so funny.Half the time,I can`t remember what she said to tell someone else.Oh well,I think,she is going to be an artist.She can draw animals pretty well.Hopefully she gets some of her dad`s mechanical ability.
  • Hi Brandonsmom

    When you do the maths with him do you write it down or use objects to show him it? I have found objects work quite while. Where you have say 10 blocks (have him count it out) then tell them you are taking 3 away ( or have him take them away). Then ask them how many are left. Let him count the blocks left. It doesn't mean it will happen right away, but I have seen kids slowly catch on, but much faster than just looking at the numbers on a page. They are working with something they can feel and touch. Eventually they will not have to physically count the block to tell you, most times, as they get better at it. This can be done with adding, subtracting, multiplication and division.

    Hope this helps :-)
  • Let me add,when my house starts looking like a hoarder lives here.I can`t function,my daughter can`t function.Where do you begin?I usually,grab a garbage bag and start throwing stuff in,and place an add on free cycle.Her room looks like a cyclone went through it now.My neices kids were here,and my grandkids,and they trash the joint.I keep doing this every so often,and I don`t know where it all comes from.Well,I do,The school carnival,the neighbor girl keeps bringing toys over.I say,to her to take her stuff home,and she leaves it here.Sometimes,I think,her mom is trying to clean out her house.If after so long,it is still here,i bag it up and get rid of it.Then people give her clothes,and trying to sort through,what she can wear.What is to small,and stuff she will wear in the future.I try and bag it up and put it away,and somehow,someone manages to drag it all out again.i don`t have a lot of closet space,so I don`t want a bunch of clothes around that don`t fit.Sometimes,i bag it up for later,when she can wear it down the road,and forget to get it out,and she has outgrown it.I appreciate,people giving them clothes,but,often it creates kaos,Can`t spell it.Besides,they are picky about what they wilk wear.Justin,I only want opants he can pull up by himself.He can`t do a zipper and snap or buttons.I buy in pants at Walmart,they have these Kacki looking pants,that are pull ups,no zippers or snaps.For Hyaley,i like the pants that have the adjustable waiste.I don`t like her wearing dresses in the winter.PLus,they go outside for recess and have Gym class.People give her cute skirts,but,often they don`t fit.
  • Thanks dapper! His homework usually consists of him drawing out blocks or circles, or balls or birds, then crossing off,, 1st the problem was transitioning from addition to subration, because he mostly memorized either the answers or the rules, & new rules for subtraction, but the real challenge this week is now they are doing both addition & subtraction together, so he has to learn which ones are addion & which ones are subtration and he wants to give a quick answer without stopping & thinking. so basic, 3+3= 0?? wait, slow down, which sign is this plus or minus?

    AMomma, for shoes, I actually went out & got a shoe rack! It's a rule, shoes go onthe shoe rack the minute we walk in the door. (guests are allowed to keep their shoes on, LOL) Brandon has a playroom, the back porch area was converted. that area has a kid level older computer/TV & work area for homework & art (never does art unless its homework), his chair, a mini couch, a book shelf, his Thomas train table & a toy box (rarely touched). His bedroom is small. Other than a few stuffed animals, there are no toys so it really doesn't get messy other than ocassionally clothes & I make him put them in the laundry immediately (I micro-manage him getting dressed sometimes).
    For clothes that are too small, instead of fressource, which you have to wait & hope someone calls for it (& also its not safe to have strangers come to your home), I usually bring to goodwill or salvation army & get a tax receipt for taxes..(they usually give me a blank signed one & I exagerate up the donation on my taxes..shhh) I don't like strangers coming to my house to pick up stuff. Oh & for skirts in winter, if she wore leggings under them, its a cool style!!! I love that look!
  • here is a view of his messy playroom. (& his memorized cat in the Hat reading, sort of, with the fake euro accent, LOL)

  • AH.a shoe rack.My is it my unorganized mind can`t come up with these things.Still,I would have to be on top of her when she walks in the door.I have short term memory issues,and I often forget things myself.Or,if i am lost in thought,when she walks in the door,then it`s too late.She strips through the house,but,I will try the shoe rack thing.We need a coat rack too.Just,the tiny closet is right next to the front door.Only holds so many coats.I want an entrance way,or tiny porch built in front of my front door for shoes and coats.Yes,having strangers come to the door is not cool.I often have the stuff sitting out front.Most of the people that come,seem to be mom`s.One,collects things for Christmas for needy kids,but,you never know.i refuse to live in fear,might get me in trouble some day.
  • Did i mention,I have a big dog?Cute video of brandon.
  • #1 blocking stims- my son is a real sensory seeker wants the ceiling fans on all the time and is now fascinated with flags and waves everything in the air like one. He is the easier one to deal with because he is high functioning. His twin sister autumn walks on her toes, flaps hands, chews on her shirt collar and her sleeves, flicks her fingers, sings a verbal scripts constantly. I can't block it all, all the time.

    #2 Autumn runs off constantly and is always in danger. You have to hold her hand and facilitate everything for her. Her brother Tristan runs away because he likes to get in trouble, he likes the attention. I never get a single chance to sit still while I am watching them unless we are at home. Then the situation is controlled.

    #3 Finding time to do their therapy and keep up with my housework. Something always seems to suffer!
  • AHH STIMMING... Last year Brandon ate his shirts (was the only kid not allowed to wear uniform- also twisted the buttons on the polo shirts until they fell off), in the mirror & shadows since he was born, still.. a few months ago was bending his fingers backwards, like pretending to crack knucles (I think that came from the count on sesame street).. now, he learned how to snap & it his newbie,, non-stop finger snapping,,, watching the same videos 7,000,000 times over & over again, always laughing like its the first time watching it..rewinding & watching again..happy hand flaps..also toe jumping can't stay still..if he's asked a question, he toe jumps, twiddles, & comes up with this whole long scripted conversation of garble & broken comments that no one knows what hes talking about..Just a run on speach..LOL
  • Justin chews his shirts.They look horrible.Hate to buy him new shirts.In one day,he has holes in them.Flicks his fingers in front of his eyes.Barney the dinasaur for 18 years.