Could you help us?


First of all, thank you for reading my message.

Secondly, I am a mother of an autistic child. He is 4 years old and is in therapy for about two years. This years I have changed the center where he received ABA therapy because I didn't like how things where going. The center where he is now is filled with professionals, it is an NGO and the president of it is the first BCBA in our country. Ironically, but thankfully, the NGO, about five months ago was hiring a fundraiser. Because I have dedicated all my time, efforts and free time to my son, I thought that being able to work and be with my child at the same time was the best combination for, now I am working as a fundraiser for the Association for Behavioral Analysis Therapy (ATCA) in Bucharest, Romania.

Now, we have launched an international fundraiser on because we have big problems in receiving help in our own country. 

The reason I am posting this message here is that I truly believe people want to help, but they do not know how to help. I am here to ask you, please, to spread the word about this fundraiser. If we raise the money, we may be able to help hundred of Romanian poor and orphaned children to get free ASD diagnosis.

Thank you very much for your attention and help!