New to here recent autism diagnosis

I live in the florida area and would love to make some aspie friends or learn about resources for adults with autism in fort myers, FL. I am 24 and female.

  • Hi, Omalley,
    Have you tried the ASN chatroom yet? Chances are good that you can make some Aspie friends there! Or you can send me a friend request on this site if you like; promise I'll accept! ;)
  • Don't be sad about your diagnosis! Be happy that you now have a community to be part of! There is a thriving community on twitter and tumblr. Autistic individuals learn best from other autistic individuals. To keep the trolls from finding it I can PM you the tags, if you'd like.

    For now, I strongly recommend checking out the Autistic Self Advocacy Network (ASAN) and reading the book "Loud Hands, Autistic People Speaking".

    -An autistic adult