Hi all,

My 9 year old boy who is very lovable and mostly happy. He goes to a mainstream school and seems to get on well with the other children there. he does however still struggle with his speech, still only saying two word sentences. He also has major ADHD symptoms and always seems to be in world of his own, he can't sit still. As he is going into grade four this fall I can't help but worry about him keeping up with the rest of his classmates, as he still is at the level of kindergarten academically because of the language barrier and his impulsivity. He also spends a lot of his time in a sort of schizophrenic state where he constantly talks to himself, and hates it when we try to intervene and get in on the conversation.

My doctor has suggested amphetamines to help him focus more especially at school and aid him in being less impulsive and compulsive with his OCD. My question is, has anyone had any positive experiences with this drug? I don't want to go down that road of giving my child drugs, but if it can help him in any way then I may reconsider. I don't want my personal beliefs to get in the way of his progress.
  • Don't do it. These drugs were never made for children and usually have side effects that warrant the use of more drugs to combat. The invisible friends just help them get through the day. They won't be forever
  • i had good results using adderol with my son at that age. he was so very hyper it was hard to approach him. i always used a small dose, usually less than what the schools wanted him on. if a little does a little good dont think a lot will do a lot more. the meds are a crutch at best but a crutch helps you get to walking on your own. eventually took my son off the methamphetamines but without them i doubt he would have gained the coping skills and strengths he has today. like i said, he was unapproachable.
  • I had a good experience with both adderall and vyvanse. Children on the autism spectrum basically just have a bunch of different issues going on at once in one body, and more common than not ADHD or ADD is one of them. They have a dopamine deficiency in their brain which causes them to be very hyper, not attentive, and often disruptive. I know it feels like you're giving your child drugs, but if you're helping him reach his full potential, how is that harmful? Dont give it to him on weekends, holidays, or summer breaks. A child with ADHD will suffer tremendously in school, fall behind, and become very frustrated if they aren't treated properly.