Homeopathic for Autism

I am a parent of 2yrs old autistic child. He is special to me but I am unable to look after him the way one must do. I want to do a lot of thngs. Cn anyone adjust and share their experience with me , that will help me to cope better. Some say that homeopathic medecines have a great effect on autism???? Please advice,
  • people with autism who take medicine it helps but at such a young age it is not a good thing to put a 2yr old on medications
  • Homoeopathy is NOT like the usual medications. It is highly diluted and works as a trigger for your body to heal itself. If your child or yourself are given a remedy that will help you then it will do just that. If the wrong remedy is used it will do nothing. You can either use the liquid form as drops or a spray. Drops are good because they can be added to water, juice or any drink and there is no flavour. The little pils are like a sugar pill but tiny. If a child gets hold of a bottle of pills and takes the lot it is just the same as having one dose. The only problem then being you have to get more. I was brought up with homoeopathy. I have used it on my children. It works very well. You need to find a classical homoeopath.
    With homoeopathy it is not neccesary to know what the name of the illness or diagnosis is. The remedy used is chosen because of the symptoms shown by the patient. Both emotional and physical symptoms are taken into account.
    The 1st time you see a homoeopath, it will be quite a long appointment as they like to have a good history of the patient. After that , the appointments needed will be shorter and probably cheaper. It's a good idea to have things written down when you visit so you don't forget things.
  • Homeopathy is reported as a natural holistic way to detoxify the body
  • This is not what you want to hear, but homeopathic remedies are unlikely to change anything except work as 'placebo by proxy', and in some cases they can cause physiological harm.