My little introduction!!

Hey there I'm Mandz, I'm a mother of 3 boys and live in Washington in North East England. My middle son has had a diagnosis since the age of three of Childhood Autism, the doctors are currently looking into the possibilities of him having ADHD also.

I come across this page on Facebook, spent a couple of days looking through things and posted up my first post tonight!! Finally bit the bullet lol!!

Looking forwards to share my experiences, support and embarrassments with you all!! lol!!
  • Welcome to ASN mandz nice to meet you xx
  • Thanks so much for the welcomes - will be lovely to get to know you via the chat/discussions :D XxXxX
  • Welcome Mandz. Nice to have you with us. How old is your son now?
  • Hey there Heather, thanks for the welcome! Theo's going to be 10 next month. I've no idea where the time has gone!!
  • Your very welcome. I have an ASD boy who is 11 so just a little older than your son. Also he has a big brother and sisters on the spectrum.
    10 is a very exciting age for children I think. They seem to be on the brink of so many things.
  • I also have a boy who is going to be 14 next month also and my step son is 4 and a half!! I had a daughter 4 years ago but unfortunately she's now our guardian angel, she was born with a Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia and was only here for 8 weeks. Theo talks about her all the time!! I think we'll be going through Theo's 10 year old stage in about another 5 years lol, we're still at the cbeebies stage here - however - I don't mind that - he'll keep me younger longer haha!! Your hands must be very full!! I'll bet there's never a dull moment in your life lol. XxXxX
  • There are a lot of things in my life Lol but dull moments arent one of them Haha. My children at home are Julia-7, Deborah-9, Jason-11, Annie-13 and Abe 25. I also have Jenny-28 and Daniel-30 who are away from home. Read my blogs if you like. That tells you a bit more about us.
  • I shall have a look through them hun!! Thanks for the invitation to have a nosey!! XxXxX
  • Hi and welcome. I actually lived in Washington for a while when I first got married, 25 years ago now lol. I have a boy just had his 16 th birthday just over a week or so ago.
  • lol it's a small world Zeeba!! I hope your boy has a fantastic Birthday!! I moved here two years ago and certainly won't be moving back to Dumfries - Theo's quality of life is so much better than it was there!! Where in Washington did you stay? XxXxX