Just a thought?

I was just wondering - I recently got one of them android mobiles and I've found that there's quite a few useful Autism applications that you can download and use - however i was wondering if there was any possibility of ASN creating an application that makes the website more accessible on the move. There's a lot of the information on the page that would be very handy to have at hand for while we're out and about!!

If it's not suitable for the moment perhaps it's something to look into for the future?
  • I'm not sure about Android, I have an iphone. On the iphone, after I found the page from the web, I hit "Add to home page" & it made an icon that open right up to the groups page. I'm sure there is a way to save a page to desktop or however they call it on droid phones.
  • I'll see if i can figure out if that's possible for the Android!! Thank you hun!! XxXxX