Maybe a Sensory Group? (and other suggestions)

My main issue is sensory problems, and I find it difficult to find the right group to post about these issues. Am I supposed to post in daily coping? For some reason, my mind doesn't register that forum as the right one to talk about the effects of sunlight, upsetting noises, dealing with winter heat, feeling one's organs, etc. I think that sensory issues deserve their own group. ^_^

And where would I post about chemical sensitivities? I have info and questions about beauty products and cleaning products.

AND is there a place to post about things like how people's facial features effect their personalities, how colors effect your mood, and other things that are very obvious to autistic people? It would be a very exciting group!! I'm always itching for a good discussion!!!!

And to keep the brainstorming going, it would be cool to have a "What Is This?" type of group where people can ask about certain characteristics that they don't understand. Like "why is it hard to look at the packed shelves in the grocery store? It's like I can't see what I'm looking at!" (That's because of too much info going in through the eyes creating an overload, right?)

If my questions have obvious answers, I apologize. Sometimes I don't see what's right in front of me. ^_^
  • Hey, I'm sorry your post never got replied to.  You apparently have 66 subscribers so it seems unbelievable.

    Maybe it would help if there were a "Sensory Issues" group, but for now I think the "Coping/Daily Challenges" group is probably the most logical choice out of the available groups, to talk about sensory problems, including chemical sensitivities.

    As for your other suggestions, perhaps the "Adulthood and Autism" group would most appreciate topics like those.  In fact, I would enjoy hearing what you have to say on those subjects in the chat room!