Sunday Law

It`s Now here yet,but,perhaps will be soon.In the time of the Apostles,it was made a law,they could not speak or preach in the name of Jesus.What they did in the book of Acts 4;29 KJV,they got together to pray against this,and it worked.When O think it was Peter that was in Prison,and many got togather to pray for his release,God sent an angel to free him.There is SUPERNATURAL POWER in the spoken out loud word of God,by real believers.Fasting gives us more power.The power being the Holy Spirit in us.The more praying the same thing,the more power we have.

  • I don`t even go to church.Reasons why,my family was Catholic and we quit going around 1970 ish.I have no idea where to go.I have been to a few.Giant screen TVs,and giant congregation.My ASD son,is to over whelmed to sit through that,for one thing.So am I,truth be told.I can learn way more,on my own.Many don`t use the KJV,and I will not go,where they don`t it.Besides The bible says,the remnant was scattered to the 4 corners of the earth.Many,seem to be christians in name only.My observation.I was a little kid,when we quit going to church.I had no Idea what being Catholic even meant.Not sure I know now.Doesn`t seem,they follow the bible.Some,perhaps are deceived.
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