Violent Behaviors and no where to turn

There soens`t seem to be any recent activity here,but,I will offer my experience with a low functioning son,who had behavior issues.My son was failure to thrive.He had seizures from around 4 years old,and they were febrile,at first.This lasted until he was around 5 years old.He also would act fine,one minute,and the next,hitting,head butting and throwing things.Severe issues with sounds,lights.I did have him tested for food allergies at 5,and I took him off problem foods.I kept him on a strict diet,until about age 19 or 20.Nearly 25 now,and I let him eat,most things.Corn,not so much,or lots of artificial colors and stuff.Not as strict,though,I let him things.Foods are not to much of an issue,anymore.They were when he was little.They caused severe behavior issues,He mostly,happy and well behaved.Now,if he has issues with behavior,I just pray,my way through.Father,let your piece and calming settle into his heart,I pray always in the name of Jesus.For those who believe.If not.I suggest food allergy testing.Organic foods,of possible.Remove chemicals,from your house,that may be setting them off.I noticed also,my son would sleep on the floor.I think the chemicals in his mattress,bothered him.Not now.I kept him on his deit for many years.This does not seem to be an issue.He sleeps on a regular mattress,now.He did begin to have seziures again at puberty.Then,they went away again.He had one about a year ago,and that was the only one in many years.Severe heat,seems like excessive sweating,messess with electrolites,and will bring one on.We rarely have had severe heat where I live.When we went to Tennessee in summer,it was an issue.

  • I would also suggest spacing vaccines out.I did not do that with my son.I had a late in life daughter.At first,I did not do vaccines with her at all.I no longer think vaccines cause autism.I used to think they did.I did her vaccines,I spaced them out.I don`t do flu shots,nor did I do the HPV.I did all the rest,including the MMR,which I was terrified of,for a long time,But,just wait on that one,I would say.
  • I would offer up prayers,before hand,if you believe in Jesus.Let,(add name) their body reject every poison in the name of Jesus.If you believe,put on the full armor of God,Ephesians 6 KJV.Apply it to your child.
  • My son was not potty trained until he was 10 years old.Non verbal,and Low functioning.I used the Nite trainer bed wetting alarm,to potty train him.I used in the day time and at night.I don`t know,if they even make these anymore.My son`s school used them,back when he was around 10,but not really seen anyone use it,at his school,since then.I ordered extra pads,cause if they get wet,you have to wait until they dry.Took a bit longer to train him at night,but I got him trained.A new issue popped out,as he grew to adulthood.He is just very small in that area.WHen he sits down,it does not go down into the pot,it sticks straight out.When he was little,he could lean forward,and it would go down in there.At one time,I had a potty char,with a splash gard in front.It got nasty,and threw it out.If I had known how hard,it would be to replace it,I would have tried to clean it up.Though it was a child.Now,he is a man.But,still small.Maybe,he could still use it?Maybe,getting a large toilet seat would work.Our bathroom is so small,though.
  • Something I forgot to add to my story,my son was faliure to thrive,and he had reflux,and constant loose stools.sickly all the time.In and out of the doctors and hospitals.I had CPS on my back.I tried in vian to put weight on him.Everything he ate,came back out one end or the other.At one point,someone,thought he might have Williams SYndrome,so they ordered Chromosome testing.His dad and I had to offer blood samples.He was negative for Williams Syndrome,though he did have a long arm translocation,between chromosome 12 and 16,I think it was.I got so sick of the the diagnoses,and drs,and really,they gave me no help,just looked at me,like it was my fault.I went to his dr to get referals to take him to specialists,they would never give me one.Then I asked for a referal to have him tested for food allergies.This was 25 years ago,so not many people were doing diet related or alternative things to treat autism.Again,The dr would not give me a referal.It`s all part of his autism,he said.I went off on my own and had him tested.I paid like over $500 dollars to have him tested,at Immuno labs in Fla.THis was a long time ago.SO,I have no idea,if this lab is still in operation,or what the cost is.He tested high for corn and wheat and dairy and a bit lower for some other grains,I used prayer a lot.Cause really,I had no where else to turn.Boy,did I get bashed when I was first here,for my alternative treatments,here,at ASN,and at my son`s school.Really,nothing to what to take for being christian,though.I never read the bible until I was nearly 50 years old.I still have not read all of it.You have to go through it many times,to get understanding.Then,The Holy Spirit sometimes leads, me.Though,if Satan has no way in,he plants angry thoughts in my head,to get me to go off.WHich ,i often do.So,then the Holy Spirit does not reveal that state of mind.
  • Do you know what a Eunich is.Google that in the King James bible.