Does your Austistic Child have trouble sleeping in their own room? There's hope!!

Below are real testimonials:

“Lauren Henry has such a gift! When I first met her, I was skeptical that Lauren could create a room that my 9 year old son would be comfortable in, as he had been sleeping in his nanny’s room since he was 3 years old. Lauren worked closely with our family to find out what would make my son comfortable in his bedroom environment. The first night his bedroom was painted, my son slept in his room, and he’s been sleeping in there every night since then! I can’t thank Lauren enough for the impact she’s had on our family and specifically, in addressing the special needs of my son.”

- Julia & Reid Kreitman
Pacific Palisades, CA July 2010

“We noticed almost immediately the difference in both Jon Russ and Adrian for the first time they both began sleeping through the night IN THEIR OWN ROOM! For several years Adrian would constantly have trouble falling asleep in his room and would literally come and sit outside our door until we would let him in to sleep with us; naturally Jon Russ would follow suit now they’ve definitely calmed down in the evenings, spend more time in their room with OUT me having to say a word and sleep in THEIR room. We’re very happy with the results! Thank you!”

-John and Shary Wemple
HGTV family from “Kidspace!”

“The change we saw in our son from Lauren’s makeover was amazing! We did not expect him to warm up to any environment so quickly. Our son was diagnosed with Autism almost a year ago. He has very little language and his surroundings tend to set him off for no reason. Lauren came in and gave him an environment that has opened him up in ways we could have never imagined. He fell asleep within 15 minutes of being put to bed the first night! It has been an ongoing blessing to watch him daily going to bed faster, staying asleep longer, and waking up calmer. Our little boy is relaxed for the first time. He is comfortable with his room, his bed, and himself. Lauren gave us peace as parents, but more importantly she gave our son peace.”

-Okinawa Project

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