A Real Testimonial From a Family I Worked With in 2010

“Our family was chosen to be the lucky recipients of a room transformation for Room to Be Different in August. My husband and I were very excited! We had been wanting to do something for our daughter’s room that was age appropriate (she just turned 9). She is autistic and we have about 20 hours a week of at home therapies. Our hope was that the changes would not be so overwhelming to her and would help her regulate when she has a meltdown and transitions would be faster and less stressful on all of us. The Room to Be Different crew lead by Lauren did not disappoint us! We were blown away with the transformation of the den which was just basic room for playing on the computer and video games to a FAMILY Room which has brought us closer, helped Megan to connect to us and spend more time together talking and sharing ideas. Since our daughter is an artist, Lauren featured lots of Megan’s art on her very own “gallery wall” and Megan is taking pride in her work for the very first time.

The best change is how much Megan loves being in her new room which was the biggest transformation for all of us! She loves being in her room and finds that it is very soothing, quiet and loves hanging out with her nanny to just talk. We find that she makes better transitions and not so indecisive about choices and has become very flexible. Because she has Anxiety Disorder and ADHD as well as Autism we were a little scared of the changes. Everything has been so great! We’re watching Megan do things she’s never done before…Lauren’s passion and commitment to our family that weekend and even now has made a huge impact on our daughter, our family and our community.”

- Pam & Adam Eisenberg,
Chatsworth, Ca August 2010 -