Wiggles 2012

On August 10, 2012…my family and I were treated to a Wiggles Celebration in Auburn Hills, Michigan. As a special needs parent, my family and I were treated to a meet-and-greet and concert by The Wiggles (and their amazing staff…CS this means YOU!). From the very first communication with their staff, The Wiggles seem to go out of their way to accommodate their "special" fans. My respect for them increased manifold just watching them interact personally with their fans.
I am hoping that someone else attended the 2:00 PM performance and would like to participate in a photo trade. A lot of my pictures didn’t come out good because of improper settings, so I’d love to have any additional ones. I do have some good ones, I’d just like more.
Please do your part to support The Wiggles and their continued efforts in the special needs community!
  • Awsome! My son has been adicted to the wiggles since birth! Never stops.. His hand stimms are mostly all generated from the wiggles. He will probably be a fan for life.

    FYI- we are an international group.. But I'm sure most of us parents have watched our kids love the wiggles..

    Is there a link that I could share about this?
  • That`s great.My son has always been a Barney fan.Always wanted to take him to see barney when he was little.I did get one of those personal videos and book made with him and barney.He had it for many years,when he finally broke the tape.I do have it recorded onto another VHS tape.I am in Mich,but didn`t know the Wiggles were here.
  • Amom where in Michigan are you? we were just on a trip to Michigan in May. we landed in Grand Rapids & drive 3 hrs up north near Traverse city to a small town called Beulah for my sis in law's wedding.