From an Autism Mom with Love

My name is Diana Romeo. I have an 19 year old son who has autism. I have written a book about my experiences raising a child on the spectrum. I think it would resonate with any special needs parent. I always feel better when I can relate to another mom/child/family. I hope that it can help other families, especially those with younger children. I hope it will help someone on this page. Please take a look. I'd love to hear feedback.
Diana Romeo

From an Autism Mom with Love is a collection of personal letters that gives you a look into the life of one family’s experience living with someone on the autism spectrum. These letters are written from Mom to her son, to God, and to the community at large and will bring you through a range of emotions. They share experiences spanning from diagnosis, through school years, until today, when he is transitioning into adulthood. The letters are funny, sad, poignant, frustrated, informative, and hopeful. This is a real life look at one family’s experience with autism in a world that is not always autism friendly and how this mom continually learns to navigate through the many challenges and joys. Life with autism is often a roller coaster ride, but this book shows it is a ride filled with love.
Diana Romeo
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