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    This isn't a new topic but I read it on old posts. Where does a person go to find out if she can get her autistic son's diapers paid for. The only so now that fit are huggies size 6 and you don't get many of them being in that size. Goodnight are the same way so it's getting expensive with going to have 3 in diapers I Hope that this helps, I saw a tonight that has diapers. I have the same issue. We have been using the GOOD NITES and putting an extra insert in side and now there leaking at nite, I saw 100 ct. (for his size 26 inch waist) $79.95. Go to and click on clothing and diapers. The price changes for the waist size. GOOD LUCK and PLEASE let all of us know if you find anything else. Kathy Years ago I had the Dr write out a prescription for diapers. The only places that will fill the prescription are medical supply stores. This way your medical insurance will cover the cost. medical stores like who? any drug stores if so names of them please.
    Shield healthcare---------- is where I get mine for my son but he is on medicaid. I would think your insurance should be able to let you know.
    Good luck. I would love to know my self.

    Talk to your pediatrician. They should be able to write a prescription for diapers. Then check with the pharmacy... I have read some states/insurance companies pay for the commercial brands (Huggies, Pampers, etc). If not, the pharmacist probably can tell you of a medical supplier.
    My son is 12 and was in diapers until he was 6. Back then, there was no such thing as size 6 in Huggies/Pampers. His diapers were delivered UPS to us monthly... we got like 4 huge boxes of them. They were by no means as good as the Pampers for absorbency but at least they fit!
    Mary Here in Oregon ANY child not potty trained by 3 years is considered to have a developmental delay. The Dr gave me a RX for diapers. We go through a medical supply store, but I have to order them through a place out of town as the local supply (Norco) couldn't or wouldn't supply us with the All Nights (same as good nights but insurance will pay for them.

    We can get as many as 220 a month, I can't imagine going through quite that many, but it is great to getsomething to help.
    Wow, really? I know plenty of NT children who were not potty trained at three. Never would have considerd that a DD!
    Here in NC if you child is over 3 and not potty trianed and has a diagonsis of DD (includes Autism Disorders) Insurance will pay for diapers. I have Medicaid. You have to go to your childs doctor, get a perscription that states your child is DD (or what the dx is) and that they are incontinent(not potty trained) and need Diapers. Then you can call just about any Medical supply company in the phone book and give them the order or have the doctor fax it over and they will deliver it to your door. I just found this service myself a few months ago. It has been a life saver. I know how it feels with a couple in diapers at the same time.
    Ditto - I don't think any of our nieces or nephews (we have 17 of them) were fully-trained at age 3!
    If you have Medicaid you can get the diapers paid for. In Minnesota, we have TEFRA and that pays for diapers as well - I don't know if you need a prescription or not. I think if you use them and the child is past age 4, then you can get them paid for. I'm starting the application process very soon! Good Nites definitely get expensive! TEFRA is for those individuals who don't qualify for Medicaid based on income but do have disabilities. Then you have a co-pay based on your income (varies from $4 to over a thousand, I believe). But, ours would be about $200 a month and we pay that in co-pays alone right now and TEFRA would cover ABA (at least that is what I'm told). Which our insurance doesn't cover at all.
    Good luck!


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