New here....waiting on a diagnoses for daughter (REALLY need a pep talk and support)

I posted this in another group before I found this one. I think it belongs here instead...

My daughter, Penelope Rose of course is the light of my life. She started talking at 4 months old and started reading not much later. At 19months old she can currently read well past the 1st grade standardized levels and knows all her shapes and colors..oh and she talks in full sentences...

EVERYONE sees her and automatically assumes that she is perfect...but she isn't. Aside from the digestive issues that she's had basically since she was a few months old she is starting to exhibit repetitive behaviors. I see her sort of drift if she is leaving her body and taking a little trip for a few moments and her eye getting less and less.

I started her on a gluten free diet 48 hours ago and I see INSTANT results...but here I am...questioning literally everything possible and I feel like everything is spinning around me and I can't catch my breath.

I need a pep talk, I need honesty, I need someone to give me advice...I just NEED right now you know? I spend all day (every second of the day) asking myself what can I do next to help her.....I keep a journal of everything I possibly can. Going back and reading through some of the worst days and then reading the better days is really helping me but I just......need to hear from other people that this isn't the end for my baby..that I'm not going to "Lose" her

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