Just diagnosed

My daughter Daisy was just diagnosed with Autism. She is 19 months old. She is already in OT, DSI and Speech Therapy. I called to get her into the long term care program here in AZ and they should call next week to set up an evaluation.we are also going to get her into the jump start program as well. Is there anything else i can do for her? I feel so completly lost and helpless. I am so scared that i will miss something or let her down somehow. I have another daughter Lily who is almost 3 and she does not have autism so I feel bad that Daisy gets all this attention and some how i am letting her down too. Any advice?
  • Sounds to me like you have a great jump on things! The only thing left would be to find a great development pediatrician who specializes in autism. Oh, welcome to the group!
  • Two suggestions. First go on line to Autism Speaks and down load or get them to send you the kit. Its called the first 100 days.
    Next go on line to check out the website Signing Time. The story of how they came about is very important. Long after I started my company I found out about them. I became a certified ASL instructor with them because of not only how they came about but their products are truly the best in the nation.
    If you go to a speech therapist they may not be too supportive of ASL but miracles happen - all the time, every day, almost every moment. Kind of hard to explain without writing a paper on the subject. I would be happy to provide you with more information and help. Please let me know.
    Candice Chakhtoura
  • I'm in roughly the same boat. Is "signing time" different from the baby signing time DVDs?
    Or is it the website you have at the bottom of your post?
  • I have b/g twins who just turned 2. My daughter has shown signs of autism since she was 6 months. I was constantly asking the doctors about her. Everyone kept dismissing my questions. At her 15 month appointment , she hadn't hit a single 1 year milestone. She wasn't walking, no words, couldn't eat solid foods, ect. Her pediatrician finally recommended early intervention. She has been in therapy for 7 months. She still isn't talking, she can walk, and she still isn't eating solid food. She also self harms by bumping her head on hard surfaces. She has texture aversions and has SPD. At our 2 year check up, she failed her autism screening and we are going through the diagnosis.
    My son also has some developmental delays. He has yet to start talking and has SPD. He also failed his autism screening, but it seems that he is just mimicking his sister. He signs a little and understands what I say, unlike his sister.
    My husband and I are living away from family and are in the process of trying to move closer to them.
    We are completely overwhelmed. Our twins therapists kept saying the twins would catch up. Now at 2 my daughter just seems to be getting more and more frustrated.
  • My sons 16months showing lots of signs I see now and I'm lost waiting for testing
  • April I have b/g twins as well both are on the spectrum. My daughter is more severe, she received the first diagnosis. Then my son 15 months later. More boys have it than girls but girls tend to be more severe. It sounds like you are on the right track. I would pursue evaluations with both of them and get started.

    Does anyone do ABA in this early intervention? I've found it to work the best for my kids. Tristan is just starting with a new therapist and I really like her. I'm excited that he will make great strides.

    Rebecca I feel your pain with the sibling situation. My twins have an older sister and yes it is hard at first. Its still hard for me now. But these older siblings have a maturity level far higher than their peers and it will serve her well later on in life to be less selfish and more responsible. That's how I always looked at it. And I always have them do things like smash their sibling on the couch to give them sensory input and say "I bet none of your friends get to to that" lol its just my way of trying to stay positive.