This is a strange blog because of everything being off right now...within me and around me.Living in a delicate state of mind and spirit and when something is entirely out of order my life thus becomes the same.Really it's like making your fave jello in a mold...if you use the right amount of water...mix it well...let it set it in the fridge for the right amount of time...yes it wiggles AND still stays together.It's a good texture then and it tastes palatable.That's the same way i like my jello.NO i am not referring to letting it get hard around the edges of the container that makes me gag.I have to use a lid when i make it so that doesn't happen.Awful visual and taste just entered my mind/mouth(sorry i didn't want to make anyone else sick but i know you get the picture) tonight's dinner.Big shudder.You know those awful bites you've had them in life no doubt too.When my moods are off so are all my senses even more!!!Sometimes there are just too many people with the forks running them through my jello.

And please do your family a favor DON'T cook when you're mad...some of the absolute food is made then...really i don't know if it's intentional..probably isn't but anything made in a bad mood seems to taste the worst.Oh and to my husband if you ever read made the WORST spaghetti tonight that i have ever tasted(and i really wanted to tell you just how terrible it was but bit my tongue while reliving the mushy overcooked texture super gush on my tongue...NO amount of sauce could save it) couldn't eat it....the dog did !!Do yourself a favor save your fork and get take out!!!