I must learn to listen and not just be hearing.I must learn to speak and not just be told i can.Words are much more than that behind the meanings that come in verbal form.If i don't connect my body to what i am doing i probably won't know your body language much less notice your face and how you're feeling..If i am locked in my world than i am not fully responding to yours if i can't connect to it.I can't focus and sit still if i am not taught.I won't learn if i don't posses this skill or any new skill really.My words won't have meaning to you if i lack the definitions of them and the context they are used.You converse but i am not of the same track of thinking as you are most days.If i am hung up and withering inside feeling sick then anyway i respond will not be a positive response.My intelligence doesn't come in the form of words which are spoken however i can write them and change them many times until i find what i am attempting to "say"....this way!!This doesn't occur in verbal form.This makes finding the "right ones" and the "right responses" almost impossible many days.My concept of time isn't yours and i can't do anything in a hurry and still stay on task doing several things at the same time while you are speaking to me to change midstream.But i can uni-task rather well.Oh and the real reason i got rid of my cell phone was it 's ring drove me nuts and it was VERY annoying to me so i thought why am i paying for this!!!!I can read and absorb many things as i can place my mind inside the written text and grasp those ideas very easily as i can stop and wonder about what i am reading as i do that while making a mental picture of it to recall later on.(These don't change as conversations constantly do).There is no pressure as i put none on myself doing that.Knowing/realizing that took me tons of energy/time too!!!And if it's something i enjoy(obsess about)well i can do this for hours and hours at a time...without noticing the passage of time I can list and do a complete job while doing that and will "rework" it over and over to improve upon it.And i like to take things apart and put them together again and it will be easier next time because i am familiar with what i am doing so then i can master that to become a skill i can use.When i am NOT pressured i can transfer that skill and remember it perfectly well and recall it quickly to build upon that.I CAN understand/absorb that and will backwards and forwards as i have done it before so i CAN master that.Mastering skills is important for me as i can do them at my speed!!.See this will lead me to further successes and feeling confident.But if you ask me to verbally repeat now what i have done and relate that to others at a moment's notice than a huge problem(at work this happens lots) presents itself and i lose everything...but my anxiety.