Well my own autism journey started years ago and my children not quite as long ago but it's been exciting, excruciating and enlightening! I have shared my truths of autism, spoke in front of others, brought forward suggestions in dealing with others on spectrum and dedicate myself to TRUE awareness by knowing how my pieces fit and by helping others find some of theirs if I can...Maybe why I'm still in education! 

I have learned to communicate with others better by using my off-kilter quirky senses especially humor to my advantage instead of being taken advantage of....well most of the time anyways...(when I realize it's going on. :)  And by learning to laugh at myself and know that's it's through mistakes where true learning starts...not by being a perfectionist! That by not being too judgmental allows for my own weaknesses to be exposed and be ok AND survive! That we are all in this life journey together and that through that exposure is how we experience our most crucial life lessons! The truth isn't as scary as my anxiety leads me to believe...and by knowing I don't have to believe every silly fleeting thought which crosses my mind I can leave and start again...it's ok to be different and Temple's right I'm not less unless I think I am and allow others to treat me like that....that's some of my truest autism awareness!!